Life’s Nectar

Life’s Nectar – Enjoy it Down to the Last Drop

Are you enjoying life’s nectar down to the last drop?

The beautiful thing about nectar, is that it doesn’t have a “last drop” – plants are always producing more of it.

And while vegan, I do use a little honey in making bread (to feed the yeast).

And I am becoming ever more aware of the levels of beauty that are available if we can train our brains to recognise them.
Right now, as I look out my window, the dominant feature across the bay is a 9,000ft snow covered mountain about 10 miles away. The snow stops at about 3,000ft, and the sun is shining on the north slopes of both snow and trees. On the narrow flatish region of about 3 miles between the base of the mountain and the ocean is a patchwork of fields and rows of trees, with some chimney smoke drifting lazily seaward.

In the foreground, on our deck, in a tray of seed we have put out, are sparrows and finches, squabbling as they feed. In the tree just beyond is a starling doing a morning territorial display.
It is a glorious sunny day.

Last night I received notice that I am now a full member of the lifeboat foundation and they have my bio in place –

I likely take over as chairman of our Kaikoura Zone Water Management Committee today (a committee jointly appointed by local and regional councils to develop long term water management strategies), Ailsa leaves for a month in Madagascar tomorrow, and our 17 year old daughter Jewelia leaves home tomorrow – to go to our largest city to look for work and friends etc.

The following day is the start of the 2 day AGM of the NZ Recreational Fishing Council, of which I am vice president, and may well take over the presidency of that organisation.

Ailsa wants me to record her playing 5 pieces, 2 for a local school, and 3 for the local choir, before I head off to the Zone committee meeting.

Life is very full.
Lots of nectar.
Lots of variation.

I have shed quite a few tears the last day or two, and will likely shed more, at the thought that this is perhaps the last full day our baby will spend at home, before flying the nest to make her own way in life.

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