Legal Substances

Question of the Day ~ August 15, 2013 ~ Legal Substances

What are your thoughts on cigarettes and alcohol being legal, but pot isn’t ?

The Consumers Union Report – Licit and Illicit Drugs by Edward M. Brecher and the Editors of Consumer Reports Magazine is a very good read on this subject – published 1972 – I bought and read it in 1975, and have referred to it several times since.

It seems clear that marijuana was made illegal in the USA to allow lethal force to be used to disrupt the Black Power movement. Several “experts” perjured themselves to make this possible.

I do not use pot, and nor do I recommend it.

Same goes for alcohol and cigarettes.

And I do not see a need for either to be criminal – education is all that is needed.

The rules in place seem to be much more about protecting vested interests than they are about public safety or personal development.

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Totally align with all you said there Torch.

And there is another aspect to it that you have left out of that particular analysis.

Most laws are actually made to protect various vested interests in some respect, and then given a window dressing of being in some aspect of “public interest”.

Having been intimately involved in politics for 40 years, I have observed the processes with great interest, at many different levels (local, regional, national, and within many layers of bureaucracy).

I wholeheartedly agree that we need to reclaim personal responsibility, and relegate the law to the position of backstop for those who fail to exercise responsibility.

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