Decisions with no “I”

how do you make your decisions w/no “I”?

I agree that the effect is there – I use it constantly.
I disagree about the source.
To me, it seems clear beyond any reasonable doubt that it can all be explained on the basis of the physical hardware of brain, and the amazing software systems operating on that hardware.

To me, the idea that there is any grand purpose to all this seems highly unlikely.
There is just so much evidence of randomness deeply embedded in all the chemistry of life, there for anyone who cares to take the time to look.

The power of intuition, the power of subconscious pattern recognition, is huge. It seems clear that it powers who we get to be at many different levels.

And for me, where I choose to put my time is huge.

I am happy to engage, and to take questions back to the most basic of assumptions, and then back out again, and it is not a journey that many are prepared to take. Few people like looking beneath the assumptions that hold their “comfort zone” together.

I cannot conceive of a decision without an I in it, and the I need not be the I of ego, and it must identify the set of systems (the vast bulk of which are subconscious) that sustain the experience of self.

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Yeah Deb

I hold the greatest respect for those who are prepared to look, and to ask the hard questions, whatever the interpretive schema they happen to bring to the journey.

It seems to me that one of the first lessons of the journey is that our ignorance is, and always must remain, far vaster than our knowledge.

It is a willingness to admit of the possibility of one’s ignorance that seems to me to be step one on the journey – whatever the current point in the infinitely dimensional possibility space of possible interpretive schema.

In that, I hold you in the highest regard.


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