Mind expanding substances

Question of the Day June 25, 2013 ~ Mind Expanding Substances

Keeping in mind the guidelines to posting, (not wishing to appear to be encouraging ‘inappropriate’ behaviour) what has been your experience with ‘mind expanding’ substances and did it lead to a deeper quasi-religious transcendental experience?

Like several others here, I tried a few things many decades ago, and nothing for over 20 years.

For the last 3 years I have not even had any alcohol.

My mind seems far more expanded now than under the influence of any drugs in my past.

I would not say that any drug induced experience was of a religious nature (as in tying me back to any group).

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Hi Andrew

I twice tried LSD, both times about 40 years ago. On both occasions, other people were reporting having great trips. The first time I tried a single tab, and nothing at all. The second time, as one of the guys took 10, I tried 6, and the only thing I noticed was a slight asymmetry in heartbeat, which I put down to impurities. I suspect that my personal brain chemistry is such that what others take as “tripping” is my “normal life experience”, and I have never known any other way of being (so cannot say for sure).

I am aware possibilities seem to occur to me far more frequently and rapidly than to most people.

I suspect that everyone has the potential, but few go through the sort of asocial childhood I experienced that allow such potential to develop.

I remember the last teacher I had at primary school asking me how I got the answer to a maths question (I usually got 100% in maths tests), and I told him I had no idea, I just new it was the right answer. He explained to me that yes, it was the right answer, but that many questions in life did not have right answers, and often even in mathematics questions were so difficult that few people could find a right answer, but people got marks for being able to demonstrate how they got the answer they did.

I thought that a little weird, but developed the skill of rapidly going backwards from the answer that came to me, and developing a logical justification of it. I got good enough at it to fool the headmaster every time. That skill served me well at university.

So you might call me a mystic scientist and logician. I trust the answers my intuition provides me, then I go back and find a logical method to justify the answer, because most people like logical justification. Most often I can do this faster than I can speak, so few people have any idea what I am actually doing.

Very rarely do I actually do anything in any sort of logical systematic fashion, and I do have certain methods, certain habits of mind, as do we all.

I did have a couple of occasions where I experienced flying, and I suspect that each time someone laced a joint they passed me with some “Angel dust”. Each time was interesting, as I had the experience of flying and seeing accurate 3D topography, yet I also seemed to retain an awareness of where my body was (had two similar experiences due to extreme illness). I now have an adequate neurological explanation/understanding of the process that allows our brain’s model of reality (the thing we consciously experience as reality) to drift when the sensory inputs that normally keep it entrained are disrupted for any reason.

And like you, I had a very sheltered childhood, and did not encounter any drug (other than alcohol) until I attended university. There I met quite a few, and subsequently met many different subcultures in society that I was totally unaware of previously.

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