Keeper or thrower

Nary a Bat in My Belfry May 14, 2013

Are you more of a keeper or a thrower?

Hi Laurie

I definitely the keeper, and Ailsa the thrower.
I am reluctant to throw anything out if I think we may have a use for it in the next 20 years.
I think part of that was growing up with nothing, and learning to make stuff out of the old bits lying around in the backs of sheds that people had put there because they no longer worked.

I think Len & I would be in the shed raising the barricades while you and Ailsa were outside trying to tear them down.

I agree that there is a cost, in terms of space, in accumulating stuff, and there is also a benefit, in terms of security – that knowledge that whatever happens, being confident that I will be able to find something in the shed to remedy the situation.
Not having that reserve of “stuff” makes me feel both helpless and useless in a sense.
With my stuff, I can be of service to family friends and neighbours as needed. Without it I am reliant upon them, and unable to assist as I otherwise might.

I collect very little for sentimental reasons, mostly it is practical.

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