Question of the day, March 25, 2013 – Intuition

How would you describe intuition and, if it conflicts with present understanding or protocol, to what extent do you follow your intuition?

To me it seems that intuition is the key to human development.

It seems clear that intuition is largely a result of the way brain stores and retrieves information in a distributed fashion (similar to holograms).

It is clear to me that it is intuition that allows us to develop language, and underlies logic and rationality. It is what Kant called “pure practical reason”.

It seems clear that in most ordinary situations our intuition is extremely powerful and very reliable. As Malcolm Gladwell discussed in his book “Blink” our intuition is extremely fast, and we all have it.

I tend to trust my intuitions, and I tend to test them also, using the scientific method.


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I totally align with Einstein’s quote, and for both Einstein and myself, the most appropriate way to evaluate intuition is the scientific method (if one has the luxury of time).

What Einstein and I totally agree about, is that the scientific method absolutely relies upon intuition to provide the creative ideas that the scientific method can then explore and either verify or falsify (in so far as verification is possible).

We would also both agree that there are times in real life when there is no time for investigation, and one simply has to act – in such cases, it often pays to heed those intuitions.

And it is worth noting that Einstein died before anyone understood how the intuitive mind actually works (the mechanisms underlying its operation). That we do now have a very powerful understanding of how it works would probably have come as no surprise to Einstein.

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