Question of The Day February 18, 2013 ~ Ghost Story

Do you have a true “ghost story” to share?


In my world, a “True” Ghost story seems to be a contradiction in terms.

In my world, interpreting things in terms of ghosts seems beyond all reasonable doubt to be a mistake (understandable for most people in most cultural backgrounds, and no less of a mistake for that).

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Hi Mendy

In my world, a faucet (we call them taps) can always be stopped from leaking by ensuring that it has a well faced valve seat, and a new washer.

In our complex world, in which we have thousands of items, each with a working lifespan of a few years, probability requires that something stops working every few days.
How we react to that stopping working (or any other aspect of reality) depends very much on the cultural stories we have to deal with it (ghosts, or engineering, or any other of an infinite set of variants on a large number of themes).

If something stops working, I do not invoke ghosts, I invoke engineering. I reset conditions to within original design parameters, and the device starts working again, or if I am unable to reset conditions, I replace it with a new device.

When it comes to dealing with people, that is a different story. We have many aspects of machine within our bodies, and we also have many aspects of very complex sets of interacting software which can affect all aspects of hardware function. So simple engineering is not sufficient for people. It is certainly useful to understand the science based foundations of living systems, and it is also necessary to understand the patterns within mind (the stories) because these mind patterns influence the machinery patterns every bit as much as the machinery influences the mind.

So we are very complex beings.
Our beliefs really do, in a very physical way, not just in an interpretive schema way, create important aspects of the world in which we live; and at the same time there does seem to be a wider reality, that is subject to certain probabilistic laws; and there are other interpretations (other than ghosts) that seem to work more powerfully in enabling the expression of the creative and loving abilities that are within every one of us.

So, without making any claims that the schema I am using has any sort of ultimate reality, or ultimate truth, and being very confident that it is in fact deficient in many ways that I am as yet unaware of; I can accept that any schema must have such properties, and that as far as schemas go, the one I am using seems to be very powerful in dealing with reality, and empowering the creation of a secure and prosperous future for all life.

And just for clarity, I am aware of the mechanisms of mind that create the vision of ghosts. I am aware that people who see ghosts really do see ghosts. It is not something they are making up in any sort of conscious sense. It is actually what the mechanisms of mind present to awareness based initially on the information from senses. None of us get to experience our senses directly. All of that sensory information is refined and filtered and sorted before making its way to awareness. In all of us our subconscious minds change what is given by senses before presenting it to awareness, it is just that in some minds the changes are more significant than in others; and usually based upon the cultural “stories” of our up-bringing.

So I can totally accept that you see ghosts, and I can totally accept that you are not, in any conscious way, making up what you see. And it can also be true in my world that the ghosts are more a function of your brain, than they are of reality.
I have had my brain present enough weird experiences to me, that were not there in reality, that I really can get it.

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Hi Mendy

Yeah – chatter works 😉

I don’t see us as energy.
I see us more as patterns in the flow of energy, just as a fountain is not water, but a pattern in the flow of water.
I do not see the patterns as having any sort of everlasting quality (as the energy does). I see patterns come and go all the time in nature, some are more stable than others.

I make no claim to know all things, and I do know enough to fix most things mechanical and electrical, and have a reasonable idea about things biological (enough to know that biological systems have aspects that are essentially unpredictable even in theory).

So there are many levels of certainty and uncertainty in my “knowing” – none of it is 100%; and most of it has proved itself very useful in practical situations at many different levels – so in those tried areas I am very confident in using it and relying on it. Cars, computers, taps, washing machines, …. those I can fix. People are not built like cars etc. I can easily assist in mending broken bones, repair cuts, that sort of thing, yet at the deeper levels of mind I can only be a guide; we must each make our own paths, no-one else can know exactly where we are, they can only have the vaguest of hints and ideas.

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