Question of The Day January 21, 2013 ~ The Decriminalization of Marijuana/Cannabis

What are your views on the decriminalization of marijuana/cannabis?

I align somewhat with Andrew. Criminalisation makes no sense.

The history of the criminalisation of marijuana is a fascinating study in the abuse of power. The lies and deceit over an extended period are clearly in the public record.

Basically it was criminalised to allow the leadership of the black power movement in the US to be murdered under the guise of drug raids.

Having said all that, and having had some acquaintance with the stuff in years long past, I would not recommend it.

Much better to stay straight and accept what is, rather that to use any sort of drug to escape some cultural interpretation of reality.

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The American Consumers Union put out a very interesting book about 35 years ago, on licit and illicit drugs.

The authors had really done their homework. It is worth a read. The prime motive is well documented, and the testimony before various hearings is all clearly documented.

Sure lots of other people have profited, and that happens.

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