Militant Atheism

Peter Higgs speaks up against ‘militant atheist’ fundamentalism

I agree with Higgs that fundamentalism in any form is to be avoided, but strongly disagree with his placing Dawkins in that camp.

The quote he gives from God delusion seems about as far from fundamentalist as it is possible to get.

To me, it seems highly improbable that intelligence could spring, fully formed from nothing.
To me, it seems far more likely that any god like organism that does exist would have evolved in some matrix some where, some when.
To me, the concept of omniscience is a logical impossibility.
Thus, to me, the most commonly taught concepts of god are clearly a logical nonsense, and thence also most religions.

On the counter to that, I do not think any less of someone if they happen to have a cold or a flu (which are viruses of the body), so why should I think any less of anyone who has been infected by any religious virus of the mind. If the virus they are carrying appears life threatening or seriously disabling, then I am likely to take action, but otherwise I will just let the mind’s own defence mechanisms (our innate curiosity and scepticism) do their thing.

All individuals are worthy of love and respect irrespective of their religious beliefs or otherwise.

As to evolution having any sort of directionality, that seems to be only partially true.

It is true in the sense that any random movement starting from any point in any topology, will, on average, over time, tend to explore ever greater areas of that topology, and such a random walk is likely to recross old ground from time to time. Thus, evolution can lead to simplicity and lack of functionality in some circumstances, while on average over time, it does tend to lead to ever greater complexity and ever greater functionality in some lines.

When one starts exploring what appears to be an infinite set of infinite topologies offered in “possibility space”, then the evolutionary results can be interesting and far from directional – in my experience.

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2 Responses to Militant Atheism

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  2. Henry says:

    I agree with your post I think militant atheism is most unfriendly but someone like Dawkins who I respect and admire as a biologist is too eloquent to be categorised in such a camp.
    Thanks for your interesting Blog.


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