Human Evolution

Question of The Day, December 20, 2012 ~ Human Evolution ~

What do you plan to do on Dec 22nd – Birth Day 2012 ?

As Barbara Marx Hubbard notes – “As there is a time of things coming to an end, there is also a rising up of human creativity, consciousness, love, and wonderment. So we’re simply celebrating that emerging quality of humanity and calling it the birth of the next phase of human evolution. It’s the celebration of our birth as a universal species.”

As daughter Jewelia got her learner’s driving licence today, I will probably have an hour or so of giving her driving lessons.

Will probably spend some time working on the garden, some on the net, and some on the golf course – and maybe a couple of hours writing.

I agree with Barbara, that we are entering a time of rapid and massive change. I think that period could last for up to 15 years, and result in whole new paradigms for being human.

If all goes well, we will all have access to abundant resources of food, water, energy, transport, communication; we will all have freedom to do whatever we responsibly choose; and we will all have the option of living a very long time, in peace and security. And when I say all, I mean every person on the planet, no exceptions.

This will only happen as people come to realise that we are all much more alike than we are different, and that our mutual future security can only be achieved through new levels of cooperation that happen completely outside of the paradigm of markets and money. For some that will be a difficult lesson.

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Not true in my case.

I learned to drive at 4 (tractors on the farm), had free range of all farm vehicles (tractors, bulldozers, 4WDs and cars) by age 10, and was still living next to my parents at 40.

And yes, Jewelz has already effectively left home, though she does visit us lots (she lives with my sister a hundred miles away).
In 4 months she will be 300 miles away, and instead of seeing her most weekends, we will only see her occasionally. As I write this I feel a deep sadness over the separation, a deep love for her, and a deep appreciation for the courage and freedom that she is displaying.
She is making her own way in the world, in ways that I was far too timid to consider.
At her age I would get so homesick after even 2 days away that I was effectively useless (could not keep my mind on any topic except going home).
She seems not to suffer quite so acutely from that affliction.

I do what I do from the security of my home.

She is out there in the world, doing what she does. I will miss her so much (tears are leaking from my eyes as I write), and I am so proud of her. She has spunk and spirit (perhaps a little too much for safety, and I am trusting that is just a teenage thing).

So yeah – she is learning to drive, and she is leaving home, though not just yet, and soon.

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