Question of The Day, December 28, 2012 ~ How was your Holiday(s)? ~

How was your Holiday(s)?
What did you do, have, and receive as gifts?
Please only share with us what you feel comfortable sharing with us!

Down here, New Zealand pretty much shuts down from the 23rd Dec to about the 3rd of Jan, so we are still in the middle of our holidays.
Today our 2 WWOOFers and I dug a big trench behind a retaining wall (about 2m deep and 10m long, through very heavy clay that is dry and almost as hard as concrete. My arms feel like lead, and my elbows and knuckles have very little skin left on them (it was a very narrow trench). And it feels great to have the job done. I have been avoiding that job for about 12 years.

Holiday has been great so far.
Family have been and gone, and are back for a flying visit tomorrow night.
Fishing has been great.
Trees are planted.
Won the boxing day golf match.

Lots of neat presents.
Got a new trailer, so that I can do more much needed maintenance on the garden.
Ailsa got me a new jacket – one designed for the south pole, with a big fur lined hood, it looks like overkill, but it is so warm – it is wonderful. Since losing 17Kg I get cold really easily. Not a problem any more.
Got a couple if really interesting looking books. “2012 Best American Science Writing”, and “Fifty Thinker who shaped the world”. I’m reading “The end of Money and the Future of Civilisation” at present on the kindle, and it is very interesting, but my days are too full of activities for reading at present.

Off to see “The Hobbit” in a few minutes, as soon as I have had a shower and dinner.
So better finish here and have my shower.

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A trailer is really useful for shifting large amounts of stuff, like trailer loads of composted horse manure, and beach cast seaweed, for the gardens.
Also useful for getting sand from the local rivers.
Also useful for carting away rubbish, and cleaning up.
Lots of uses for a trailer in a garden – This one has 1m high mesh sides, so it can hold a lot of stuff (about 120 cubic feet).

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The trench has to be lined with a root proof and water porous layer away from the house, and a water proof layer on the house side, then filled with about 12 ton of 1 inch rock chip. That job is yet to be done. It was on the program for this morning, but Ailsa has decided that everyone needs a break, so we are off 4WDriving into the mountains, to give our German WWOOFers a birds eye view of the areas. (With luck I’ll get back in time for golf 😉 ).

Can’t say I complained too much, my hands will appreciate a little recovery time before I give them shovel blisters.

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