Question of The Day November 26, 2012 ~ Weather Effecting Your Mood ~

Does weather effect your mood?
In what way?

Yes certainly, and perhaps not as most would expect.

Like most, I tend to get a bit “stir crazy” when kept inside by day after days of cold drizzly rain.

However, I find storms exciting, and actually look forward to them.

I rather like having 80 to 90 knots of wind (150 – 180km/hr) roaring outside.

I like trying to stand up in winds that are capable of blowing me over if I make a mistake.

I like being on solid land, and not out at sea, when they hit.

And even when at sea, there is something about the level of engagement when one is at the helm of a vessel in a raging storm. All the senses and reactions are fully engaged. There is no time to think about what you are doing, you just have to trust the intuitions and do what needs to be done. The thinking mind is focussed as far out as you can see, looking for threatening waves while they are still thirty seconds or more away. Anything inside 10 seconds is too close to worry about, as there is no time for the boat to respond before it hits. It is all about picking a course as far out in time as you can, then just trusting the body to execute the course, and being willing to adjust to what the intuitions require when the information from feet and ears and balance all combine to update the internal model of what the boat is doing, and what it is capable of doing in the next few seconds.

I have noticed a definite edginess to my emotions, a “short fuse” when there are persistent hot dry winds.

So yeah – I love real weather, weather on the edge!

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Hi Kathy

The entire world has been radar mapped to an accuracy of a few cm, but the military don’t like giving out that much information.

Walking in sand is beneficial in many ways, one being that the sand is always moving under foot, and so all of the hundreds of small muscles and bones in the feet get a workout.
Working muscles flushes all the accumulated toxins. The first time you do it, you tend to feel a bit bad afterwards and sleep a lot, particularly if you don’t have enough water to flush everything. If you drink lots of water and pee a lot, then you feel really great afterwards.

Very much “use it or lose it” machines these bodies of ours.

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