Pineal Gland and The Chakra Body

Question of The Day November 27, 2012 ~ Pineal Gland and The Chakra Body ~

What do you feel about the pineal gland and the chakra body, beyond what you’ve been taught?

I have no knowledge of any relationship.
I doubt anyone has much idea.

The ideas behind the idea of chakras have been fairly thoroughly invalidated, and the power of the mind and the power of belief, has been very strongly validated.

So belief in chakras most certainly works, and I suspect that it is the belief, rather than anything physical or energetic, that produces the outcomes.

The mind is a very complex thing, at very many levels.

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1 Response to Pineal Gland and The Chakra Body

  1. Sara Lake says:

    Well, let’s see. The pineal gland regulates sleep/wake cycles through producing (or inhibiting) melatonin in response to light hitting the retina, and the third eye (related chakra, I think) is about visions/dreams. Sooo…. dark = more melatonin = more sleep = dreams. Meditate in the dark to enhance activity of the third eye. This is my pseudoscientific opinion. 😀 I know, I really should become a guru.


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