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Question of The Day November 25, 2012 ~ A 24 Hour Period In Your Ideal Life ~

Could you describe in detail how you’d spend a 24 hour period in your ideal life?

I wake and then go through a quick check of all the automated systems – House, garden, water, sewage, transport and communications (that would take something under 10 seconds, via the direct neural implants that connect me the the house systems, and the wider networks of my world).

I find that Ailsa has been first to get up as usual, so I go out and find her in her music studio, and give her a kiss and a good morning hug.

I would most likely tell the house to surprise me with a choice of breakfast picked fresh from the gardens.

The house would then give me a rapid precise of everything it had found of likely interest to me while I was asleep, and if necessary I would attend to any urgent and important issues, while I ate breakfast.

I would then go down to the workrooms, and check on the projects at hand.

Then Ailsa and I would take the dogs for a walk, and get a bit of exercise and fresh air.

It is hard for me to describe an ideal day, as my ideal life is a series of projects, and while I have ideas enough to keep me busy for a few hundred thousand years now, I expect that many things that happened in my life would come as complete surprises (as much of my life to date has).

One project is to be part of transitioning life on earth to a post cultural existence, of security, abundance and freedom for every individual.

A later stage in that is transitioning to indefinite life extension for all who want it.

A stage after that is creating a habitat in orbit, and populating it with examples of most of the ecosystems found here on earth (might take four or five thousand years to get everything as I want it).

After that is spending a few million years exploring this galaxy, and some of the others nearby.

And in all of that, there will be lots of other people, making their choices, and I will have to interact with the consequences of those – in a process called life.

Yesterday I stripped down two outboard motors, cleaned out their fuel systems, greased and oiled everything requiring it, and fixing the starter motor on one of them, then went fishing with some German Wwoofers.

Today we went out at first light, and lifted the two cray pots we set yesterday, and had 3 size rock-lobster, and 4 undersized which we returned.

Then I spent some time on the computer, did a bit of reading, had a snooze, repair a garden hoe, did some shopping at the supermarket, installed a new water line with 3 taps for the irrigation systems for the two existing gardens, the new one we are working on, and the trees we are preparing ground for. Spent some time working on a computer for a neighbour.

That’s sort of how my life works. Some planned stuff, some unplanned stuff. I don’t imagine it will ever be much different at that level, even if I do manage to live for the rest of eternity, and do manage to travel the stars and galaxies.

About Ted Howard NZ

Seems like I might be a cancer survivor. Thinking about the systemic incentives within the world we find ourselves in, and how we might adjust them to provide an environment that supports everyone (no exceptions) - see
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