Doors & Windows

Doors & Windows of San Miguel de Allende

What do you find when you open the door of your heart?
What do you see when you look through the windows of your soul?

Hi Laurie

Lovely photos and interesting questions.

The doors and windows tell us a little about the people who built them, and suggest something of the conditions prevalent at the time they were built, but say little or nothing about current residents.

Doors tend to block all information transfer when they are closed, and windows offer a limited view, unless there are a lot of them, and they have no curtains. And no single window offers an unobstructed view of all within.

In terms of what is going on within us, none of us really have much idea.
An analogy would be like trying to figure out what software is running on your computer by looking at the CPU.
The computer is working far faster than any of our senses can work, and all the important stuff is hidden from us.

It seems to me that most of what is going on in our subconscious minds is much like that computer analogy. We are all such amazingly complex entities, that we have little chance of consciously seeing much of it at all.
And it can be very powerful for each of us to go back and examine the earliest declarations that we have made about ourselves, as these early declarations tend to have a large influence on the context of our being, particularly in times of stress.

When I look within myself, I see a sense of injustice and a drive to seek justice, for myself and all others. I see lots of other stuff also. All of the range of emotions present – from rage to love, curiosity to fear, bliss to boredom, ….

It seems to me that we are all amazingly complex entities, all limited more by our own declarations about who and what we are than by any external constraint.

So yes – very interesting questions.

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