Think Globally Act Locally

Question of The Day October 14, 2012 ~ Think Globally and Act Locally ~

How do you think globally?
How do you act locally?
How do you tie those together?

How do I think Globally?

In many different ways.

I am continually looking for the most inclusive contexts possible.
One of my objectives is to be as aware as possible of the potential consequences of both actions and strategies to action, at each level of awareness I am aware of, for their influence on life at all levels.
My objective is to promote the creation of technologies, laws, and ways of thinking that are consistent with individual freedom, individual security, individual longevity, and an abundant and diverse non-human ecology (acknowledging that humanity has a role in modifying probably about half of the planet to meet the needs of humanity).

I acknowledge that there is a very real sense in which I am just one human being, and the consequences of my choices go out there into reality and mix and mingle with the consequences of the choices made by everyone else.
I acknowledge that we all have freedom of action to the level of awareness we have achieved (there does not seem to be any such thing as total freedom, and each new level of awareness we achieve seems to come with new levels of freedom not available to prior levels).

I also acknowledge, that there is need for agreements and conventions on some issues. One example of such a need is the side of the road on which we drive. It doesn’t matter which we choose, so long as we all agree to use one.
Currently some people use one side, and some use the other.
Here in NZ we drive on the left, and on my trips to the US I have not been willing to drive, as my reactions are highly tuned to driving on the left.
If I was to stay for more than a few days, I would make the effort, but all of my trips thus far have been too short to make the effort worthwhile.

It seems clear to me, that we are individuals, and we are all members of societies at various levels, and all of those societies are the result of the efforts and choices and being of many millions of people who have lived before us, and have developed the language, technology and culture that allow us to be who we are.
So our individuality is the result of our history as social beings.
Thus both aspects need to be kept clearly and powerfully in awareness.
To focus on the individual to the exclusion of the group is clearly pathological.
To focus on the group to the exclusion of the individual is clearly pathological.

We must achieve a balance that acknowledges both.

So for me, I am thinking globally means thinking in terms of the incentive structures implicitly embedded in the systems (political, economic, philosophical, and technological) in which we live, and how these can be altered to produce outcomes that work for all.

Acting locally for me means being involved in my community.

My clients are spread throughout New Zealand, with a couple in Australia and the Pacific Islands.
I have been elected and served on the board of trustees at our local High School, for two years as treasurer and one as chairman. I have served on our local and district council, and am currently on the Kaikoura Zone water management committee. I have been president of the Kaikoura Boating club for the last 7 years, on the local Coastal Management group for 6 years, and as treasurer for the last 3 years. I am active in the local conservation group (Forest and Bird), the Kaikoura tramping club, and the Kaikoura Lions Club (now serving as immediate past president).

So I make the effort to get out and do stuff in the community, to listen to other people, and to speak with integrity when I am asked to speak.
Locally for me includes the local country in which I happen to live (New Zealand), so I involve myself in politics at the national level. I have been involved in several political movements, have stood for parliament, several times, and am currently on the national amateur fisheries body (the NZ Recreational Fishing Council).

I do not see any of this as being about dominating or controlling anyone.
I see that I have a set of abilities that allow me to deal with complex problems in both rational and intuitive ways, and it seems to me that I can be of service to myself and others by being involved. I like doing it, and it seems to work for all.

I am committed to creating systems that allow everyone the greatest freedom possible, while also creating the greatest security possible for all; and at lower levels of awareness that creates some very real issues.

About Ted Howard NZ

Seems like I might be a cancer survivor. Thinking about the systemic incentives within the world we find ourselves in, and how we might adjust them to provide an environment that supports everyone (no exceptions) - see
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