Question of The Day October 9, 2012 ~ Satisfaction ~

How can Man, find more Satisfaction, in Life?

It seems to me that the sense intended is the one the OED defines as “5. a. The action of gratifying (an appetite or desire) to the full, or of contenting (a person) by the complete fulfilment of a desire or supply of a want” – and not getting out and duelling, or atoning for sins, or payment of debts.

The easiest way to increase satisfaction is to decrease desires and wants – until one reaches the point of having none unfulfilled.

One may not gain more satisfaction, but one loses dissatisfaction, and thus gets to experience more satisfaction over time.

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In advertising, there is a definition of satisfaction as “the difference between expectation and delivery”.
Thus Skoda owners have high satisfaction and BMW owners not so high.
BMW deliver high, but have very high expectations.
Skoda deliver well below BMW, but have very low expectations – and hence a greater gap.

So it seems to be in all life.
If we can create a life free of expectations, then whatever gets delivered is bonus, and delivers a maximal level of satisfaction.
Accepting the reality of the possibility of death can have a profound impact that regard.

There does seem to be another strategy, of creating negative expectations. Thus if one expects to be writhing in unbearable pain, then every moment we are not, is a moment of satisfaction – and I think such a strategy would have profoundly disempowering side effects.

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