Beneficial Influence

Question of The Day October 5, 2012 ~ Beneficial Influence On Your Life ~

Which person in regular life-space (not cyberspace) has had the most beneficial influence on your life? Tell us about it.

Impossible question.

Parents!!! – without them – no life.

My Dad – for being my best friend for 40+ years. We did so much together, he taught me to drive, cars, tractors, 4WDs, bulldozers, all before I was 10. Taught me to hunt, to fish, to build. We built trolleys, houses, barns, boats, and all manner of things. He taught me how to care for animals, showed me how to learn their ways, how they responded in so many different ways to so many different things,

My mum, who was always there for me; taught me how to cook, how to sew, how to use a sewing machine, and so many other things.

My sisters, who shared so many years, and so many changes, so many lessons.

Ailsa (my wife) – for being there with me through the melanoma thing over the last few years – and being a stand that I beat it. And for creating an experience of love so far beyond anything I had previously conceived possible, and so much else.

My children, William and Jewelia. So many times, so many lessons, so much joy.

Richard Dawkins – for the understanding of how mind evolved.

George French, for being my first long term friend other than my dad. So many adventures, hunting, fishing, riding horses, working on the farm.

Tui (Pat Hughes) – my scout master for 4 years, every other weekend during summer was out camping somewhere, mostly in the bush, learning how to build things, how to work together to make things happen, how to keep each other safe.

Jim Dahm, for being my friend since starting High School. So many adventures, hiking, rock hounding, staying at the beach, ….

Chris Hickey, for being my friend since starting University. So many adventures, motorcycling through the bush and the roads. So many days spent from first light until after dark, on tracks that barely rated the name track – exploring places that few people saw.

Jim Bryant – who taught me how to use a lathe, and many of the finer points of metal working, and general engineering.

Dennis Wrench, who taught me much about mechanical engineering.

Rex Smith, who became a fishing friend, then brother in law, and who shared so many great times, sailing, fishing, camping, drinking.

Of my 46 cousins, two played very big roles in my life, from earliest days to today:
Ian Howard, who shared many adventures, sailing, fishing, parties, music, stories.
Brian Cronin, who has been a companion since my earliest memories, staying with us, and me staying with them. So many shared adventures.

So many teachers who made a real difference for me, so many people in my life journey, hundreds of them, who have made time for me, shared trust with me.
Trevor Blanks, Graham Harvey, Fred and Vera Port, Ken Pattenson,

So many in the realm of politics: Roger Douglas, Richard Prebble, …

How can I rate any one above any other?

About Ted Howard NZ

Seems like I might be a cancer survivor. Thinking about the systemic incentives within the world we find ourselves in, and how we might adjust them to provide an environment that supports everyone (no exceptions) - see
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