1) High level question – this addresses the “big picture”:
Our main objective is to release this money without destroying our society by crashing our global economic systems. How can we do this?

1a) Goal / End Result

Every person on the planet empowered with the tools, the freedom and the security to self actualise in whatever manner they responsibly choose.

[Why restrict yourself to considering things in terms of money – that immediately limits you to scarcity thinking, as money is a market measure of value, and market value always contains a scarcity function multiplied by a valuation function.]

1b) Contingencies

For a host of reasons related to freedom and security, it seems necessary to automate the means of production for all of the essentials of life (food, shelter, water, recycling, solar energy collection, education, communication and transportation). [Markets are great tools for allocating scarce resources, but very poor at creating or maintaining real abundance for all – they cannot do it, as markets cannot do anything other than value abundance at zero.]

It seems that the most effective strategy available is to create a set of machines that can create copies of themselves,and maintain themselves, and also produce a basic range of goods and services described above.

It seems that creating such a set of machines would taken the combined efforts of about 15,000 scientists, engineers, systems thinkers, and software developers about 10 years (valued in monetary terms about US$30B). If the machines had a 2 week doubling time, then two years after creating the first one, we could give one to every person on the planet, at no cost.

This abundance would place a range of goods and service at such abundance that they would be outside the monetary system (just as oxygen is now – very important to humans, but of no monetary value in ordinary circumstances – because of its near universal abundance).

To create that initial set of machines we need a set of people to champion the cause, and a set of investors to get the project under way.

1c) Milestones

The first milestone would be a set of people committed to making it happen – say 200 as an initial start point.

The next milestone would be a set of investors, to put up seed capital to start the project. A starting sum of $20M would allow us to get two key groups under way.

One group would be a key committee of generalists in many fields with responsibility to produce a more detailed plan.
The other group would be charged with raising both awareness and capital, with a goal of 5 Billion commitment in 2 years.

The next milestone would be assembling the technical teams, for the many different areas involved. It is a massive job of developing detailed heuristics for all of the production systems, and all of the normal things that can go wrong.

2a) Goal / End Result

See http://www.solnx.org or my blog site http://www.tedhowardnz.com

3) Alternative Question

Start thinking beyond markets, and start thinking in systems perspectives as to how we can empower the infinite creative potential resident within every human being capable of using language.

About Ted Howard NZ

Seems like I might be a cancer survivor. Thinking about the systemic incentives within the world we find ourselves in, and how we might adjust them to provide an environment that supports everyone (no exceptions) - see www.tedhowardnz.com/money
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