What is the source of my life?

Question of The Day September 8, 2012 ~ What is My Source, of Life ?

What is My Source, of Life ?

For me, this is a very long answer.

It seems that this universe is composed of stuff that obeys certain rules within certain limits of probability.
Said another way, this universe in which we find ourselves seems to have both lawful and random aspects.

This combination of rule following and rule breaking, allows for systems to evolve that have successive levels of strategies available to them to allow them to operate successfully.

It seems that this universe started some 14 billion years ago, and has evolved from something very hot, with no matter as we know it, and then cooled as it expanded until matter was able to condense out, and then stars form.
It seems that the heavier elements of matter (everything heavier than lithium) have formed within the core of suns, and has been released (where it has) by the explosions of those early stars.

It seems that our sun and solar system formed about 4.5 billion years ago, and that life on this earth started some 3.9 billion years ago.

It seems that the conditions on the early earth were able to support the replication of early forms of organic molecules called RNAs (Ribo Neucleic Acids), and that these were probably replicated by the changes in temperature caused as massive tides caused by the early moon being 15th of the distance form earth that it is now, giving tides of about 100m high every 3 hours over much of the earth.

Slowly, as variants formed, and some variants copied more effectively in some places, a group of RNAs got together and cooperated and early cellular life got started.
From there evolution by natural selection drove the selection of forms of life.

This process of new levels of cooperation giving rise to new levels of complexity continued.
The next stage was eukaryotic life.
Then came multi cellular life.
Then came cooperating individuals.

We humans developed large brains and flexible hands and started whole new levels of ability to cooperate once we started to develop language.
The evolution of language allowed whole new levels of cooperation to evolve.

So this seems to be the reality that each of us is born into.

We are each born into a culture, and for the most part accept the rules and explanatory frameworks of that culture.

We are each capable of questioning and testing all of the things we accepted from our culture, but very few of us do.
Most people just keep on operating within the culture they are born into, without seriously questioning the fundamental constructs of that system.

So for me, this is the source of my life.
It is a very complex set of systems and strategies, at very many levels; that operate in a mixed realm where some things obey rules to a very high degree, and other things seem to be essentially random within certain probability limits.

The higher level systems, those of the people around me, seem to be the most interesting available.

I am fascinated by the process of seeking out new levels of systems, new levels of cooperation, new levels of awareness.

I am intrigued by developing techniques of freeing people from the limits of the beliefs of the cultures of their birth, and giving them the ability to consider and chose from amongst the infinite diversity that seems to be available, including all existing cultures, and all of the possibilities that flow from the interactions.

Interacting with other high level systems seems to give my systems the greatest ability to synthesise new possibilities.
It seems that through this process I am creatively connected to all of reality.

The reality of the complexity of all that is going on is beyond conscious comprehension. At best we can get a general feel for the sorts of classes of things that are going on within and around us, and the sorts of influences that they have on our conscious awareness, and there is no possibility of ever fully understanding it all – we are all just too vastly complex for that to happen.

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Hi Mendy

It is relatively easy to detect, by means of testing, how many things a human mind can consciously deal with.

It is equally easy to demonstrate that there is so much more in reality.
We can only ever consciously deal with a very tiny fraction of it.

Subconsciously we can deal with much more, and even that is still only a very tiny fraction of reality.

I doubt that any of us has “truth” in the sense of our models having a precise one-to-one alignment with reality.

It seems to me, that in this sense, the notion of “truth” that our cultures teach us as children is very much an illusion – a gross simplification of something that is far more complex.

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Hi Mendy

I find it strange that some people say that some of the brain is unused.
That does not appear to actually be the case.
Certainly there are degrees of use.

There are some areas of the brain, particularly those associated with functions that evolved quite early in the evolutionary process, areas like sensory, motor, etc, which seem to be localised in a sense; and it appears that most of the higher functions of brain are distributed across the entire brain.

So there is a sort of persistent myth about the brain being unused, that does not actually seem to align with the observations.

The whole brain is operating all of the time. It can certainly operate faster, and slower, from time to time, and it is rarely, if ever, completely quiet.

Our brains are certainly extremely complex, and the universe in which we live is vastly more complex, by many times – many powers of powers.

Science can explain most of what we observe in the brain, it’s just that very few scientists are sufficiently experienced in a sufficiently broad set of disciplines for the abstractions required to understand to be obvious to them.
Such seems to be how things work.

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Hi Mendy

Yes – agree with you completely.
For many, science occurs as dogma, and is more myth than reality.

For me, what is most important is being willing to question anything, if there is evidence that some understanding is not as broad as I thought.

My understandings are my own, and not, as far as I am aware, replicated anywhere else.
I certainly share subsets of understandings with various communities, and I have never met anyone who came close to a complete match.

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