Question of The Day for August 23, 2012 ~ Ancient Greek Philosophers

Do you believe, as the ancient Greek philosophers believed, that “Reality is intelligible”?
Are we are to discern the “order” at the core of our universe?

It seems to me that there were a great many ancient Greek philosophers, with many different ideas.

Plato had the idea of idealised forms (which in the light of modern knowledge is a nonsense, and understandable how he got there given the void of information in which he was operating).

Some of them had vague ideas about atomism, but without the sort of evidence provided by Rutherford and others it was a very different conception from the modern understanding.

And given the information they had at the time, it is understandable that they did what they did with it.

It does seem to me that we are able to understand many of the principles of action that we see in this universe, and the numbers involved are truly huge, beyond any hope of any consciousness understanding them in detail. So with those provisios, and within those limits, yes, reality in intelligible (as in able to be understood) – at least to levels that are useful to us.

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