Do what you will

Question of The Day for August 29, 2012 ~ Do What You Will

Do what you will; but not because you must.
What is the Meaning of this Statement, in Your Opinion? Explain Why…

It seems to me that this statement is an ultimately recursive statement about ownership of our actions.

At every level, it implores us to do what we will, that which is truly of us, and not to do anything because we must (must being something that is not of us, but of something external to us).

By eliminating the word “must” from our narrative of our actions, then we are taking ownership of those actions ourselves.

There may be only one course of action available, yet if we say that we did it because we must do it, then we have lost ownership. If we say that we chose to do it, because we chose to do it, then we are owning the action, irrespective of the fact that it was the only action available. The power that we give ourselves in making such declarations cannot be overstated. In most cases, we have many more than one option available, and by having the habit of always taking ownership, we create a space where conscious and subconscious can meet and agree on our actions. It is ultimately creative.

[Nice Shearwater picture Shar – we can often see them by the thousand from our kitchen window, or up close from the boat.]

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