Quantum World

Question of Day July 9, 2012 ~ Symphony of Science – The Quantum World!

Quantum Physics, special relativity, and string theory
are not likely to “go away”, anytime soon. Actually, never,
unless they are ecliped by something that makes them obsolete,
which will happen, like Newtonian physics.

Quantum physics is a “Hot Topic”,
because of all the far reaching consequences of it,
in our daily lives…. Let’s now go deep as you would like into this subject, OK?

What would you like to discuss deeper about this subject?

quantum physics
The branch of physics that uses quantum theory to describe and predict the properties of a physical system.
special relativity
The physical theory of space and time developed by Albert Einstein, based on the postulates that all the laws of physics are equally valid in all frames of reference moving at a uniform velocity and that the speed of light from a uniformly moving source is always the same, regardless of how fast or slow the source or its observer is moving. The theory has as consequences the relativistic mass increase of rapidly moving objects, the Lorentz-Fitzgerald contraction, time dilatation, and the principle of mass-energy equivalence. Also called special theory of relativity.
String Theory: Definition #3
Newton [Note: I couldn’t find the definition so it’s not yet real or true for me it’s extinct.]

Ted is battling a head cold, and using intellect feels more like wading through chest deep mud than skipping over firm ground.

I would not classify myself as any sort of expert on QM. I am an interested amateur who is not enrolled by any of the standard interpretations given – they all have too many internal inconsistencies based upon uncertain premises.

I have no idea at all as to what is actually going on at the quantum level. It seems to me that the equations are simply probability distributions, that say more about our ways of interacting with the quantum realm than they do about the realm itself.

Each of the so called major experiments that I have investigated have raised more questions than they have provided answers.

It seems that there are at least two separate yet related aspects of being, that might be called time like and space like (but neither term really does justice to the weirdness of the underlying concepts, which don’t have either space or time as anything that our common-sense would recognise).

It seems that stuff has some properties that are cyclic in nature, and a point on the circumference of a rolling circle describes a wave. And I suspect that this is the only way in which matter has a wave aspect (given the context of the weirdness that passes for quantum space).

What I would like, is for someone (someone vastly more knowledgeable than myself on the topic) to come up with a set of analogies that anyone can follow in an hour’s study to get a rough handle on the general concepts of QM.
I haven’t seen such a set yet.
I would really like to.

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I classify someone as an expert when they have 10,000 hours experience in a subject.
I’d be lucky to have 1,000 hours.
I’ve put in some effort, and I have a lot of experience in logic and systems (I am an expert in those domains), but I am only too painfully aware of the gaps in my experience set when it comes to QM.

I have been fortunate to know, be friends with, and work with, a couple of the best on the planet – John Murphy and Rachel Garden. And when those two got going together, I could barely follow even at the broad conceptual level, let alone the detail level they were working at.

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