Question of Day June 20, 2012 ~ Summer & Winter Solstice

Wednesday June 20 at about 4:09 Pacific Time is the solstice, winter or summer, depending on where you live. Is this particular solstice any different from others, for you? Are you doing anything special to make note, or celebrate?

For us down here, today is the shortest day, and from here on out they all get a bit longer.

Ailsa and I are planning on tenting out this Saturday – so that we can wake up to the dawn chorus.

Looks like it may be a bit chilly, may be pitching our tent in the snow.

Need to get out and plant the garlic tomorrow – you folks should be harvesting yours.

And I do feel a clarity, that doesn’t seem to be related to the solstice. I can see clearly now how a focus on market valuation and money is a systemic driver of human misery – and more on that later.

Just great to be alive!

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We very rarely get snow at our house, and it is common on the mountains, which start only 5 miles away.

We are planning on camping in the forest at the base of the nearest mountain, and listening to the birds (mainly bellbirds) at first light.
Should be some insects around too, probably some wetas (which are insects about the size of mice, with large back legs, like a giant spikey cricket).

Our house is at 300ft, but only about a quarter mile from the ocean north or half a mile south (we live about a mile out on a peninsula). So our temperature is moderated by deep water nearby. Rarely too hot or too cold. Though it is a chilly 7.6C (46F outside at present – about 75F inside with the fire going).

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