Question of the Day April 12, 2012 – Who Knows Where The Time Goes?

Who knows where the time goes? LOL. OK, do they screw around with time in wherever you live like they do in the USA?

It all starts here in NZ 😉
We are the first to experience each day.
For me, right now writing this, it is 7:45 in the evening Thursday 12th.

Having said that, the whole idea of time is something of an illusion, in the sense of any sort of universal time.

It now seems quite clear that all particles experience their own time, and that light is essentially timeless, and carries information from particle to particle, and thus creates time (in a real sense).
Thus we get the illusion of universal time because all of our particles are all in essentially the same place, and all going at essentially the same speed.

On the more personal level, the more things we get, and the more ideas we have, and the more involved we get in different groups, and the more responsibilities we assume, the more our minds become full of related thoughts, the less space there is to simply soak up what is there to be experienced.

It is one of the arts of growing old, to make the time simply to experience space and being, and some of us are happier doing things.
I like to be doing stuff, so even when playing golf, I usually have 2 sand buckets on my trundler, and (should I be fortunate enough to be on the fairway) usually go through about 8 buckets a round repairing damage to the course made by people who do not replace their divets.

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Hi Victoria

Yes – we have daylight savings in NZ. We just went through the “fall back” 2 weeks ago, so are now back on real (winter) time.

In Australia all the southern states have Daylight savings, but Queensland (which is more tropical) doesn’t (not so affected).

It really doesn’t bother me much, one way or the other. I spent 17 years of my life as a commercial fisherman (and much of my childhood as the son of a commercial fisherman), meaning that when I got up was ruled by the tides, which change by about an hour every day. So I might be getting up at 3am one day, 3:50 the next, and a week later not until 9am, then in one day back to 3am again. So a change of only 1 hour every 6 months really doesn’t seem like much at all.

Here in Kaikoura we live at 42.25 degrees south, which means we see considerable changes in day length – changing by several minutes a day at present – watched the sun come out of the ocean (from our kitchen window while stirring the rolled oats) at 6:52 this morning (half an hour ago).

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