Human brain

Breakout Labs announces first grants to support radical scientific innovation

Why do they think there is anything in the human brain that is unique?

Sure it is big,

What if their isn’t anything particularly unique about the brain, just about the organisation of our bodies and social structures, requiring cooperation throughout life, and the evolution of complex symbolic language.

What if it is our operating system, our symbolic language, that is the truly unique thing; which combined with our hands has allowed for really complex technologies to develop?

The technologies we have now give us amazing power to transmit information across time and space. The evolution of our concepts and technologies is clearly exponential, with some individual minds far further out into possibility space than others.

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I agree that we still have plenty to learn about the brain, and we are learning plenty at present.

I suspect that we will not crack the AI “nut” until we stop trying to do everything using 1 to 1 storage systems (linear storage) and start using holographic processing (many to one storage and retrieval systems).

I’m actually quite happy about that – gives us a bit of breathing room.

Before we give birth to AI we need to get our own house in order.

We need to go beyond money as a valuation system.

We need to recognise the fact that markets value abundance of anything at zero, yet humans value abundance of essentials very highly.

It seems that our attachment to monetary value is the greatest threat to humanity at this time.

It is removing much needed redundancy from our systems, and replacing it with Just In Time.

It is removing abundance from all levels, and replacing it with a market determined optimum level of scarcity.

We have the ability to create systems that can deliver abundance to all, but there is no monetary incentive to do so.

So I’m not too worried about the hardware of brain, fascinating as it is.

It seems that it is the operating system that is in need of a massive upgrade.

Fortunately, the context sensitive holographic system that it is makes that relatively simple, given the appropriate context.

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