Question of the Day April 14, 2012 – Balance

How do you balance, or try to balance, all the arenas of activity and roles in your life?

Sometimes more effectively than others.
I am coming to the conclusion that I am spread a bit too thinly.
Need to reduce some activities.
Current list:
Husband – Staying
Father – Staying
Maintainer of section, house, tools and vehicles – staying
CEO Solution-Multipliers NZ Ltd – staying
President Lions Club – going
President of Boating Club – Thinking about it
Treasurer Te Korowai o te tai o Marokura – staying for a while at least
Golf – like it
Kaikoura Zone Water Management Committee – staying for at least another year
NZ Recreational fishing council – offerred presidency – thinking about it
Committee member Forest & Bird Kaikoura
Activity here at ANG
Activity at Capital Institute
Working on Book
Maintaining websites for Fishnet, Teamkorowai, Soln, recfishnz, ngatiao, tedhowardnz
Oh yeah – changing how the world works – writing a book

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I’m really interested in the specifics of what others are up to.
I am intrigued by the balance that others find, between freedom and commitment, between following the rules and stay true to higher principles, between testing and creating, ….

Sanity seems to be simply a matter of averages, and as such is vastly over rated. I have no problem being far outside of the average; though being so does pose communication problems.

I surrender to nothing, and I am certainly very attentive to intuition, and accepting of that which must be accepted (which includes all of reality).

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Hi Andrew

For me, balance is not about avoiding anything, it is just about avoiding crashing into things.
I can walk or ride anywhere and be in balance.
If I am balanced, I can pick up and carry many things.
If I am out of balance, I fall over, hurt myself, and cannot go where I want, nor pick up or carry what I want.
Without balance, in this sense, continued existence becomes difficult.

When I am at sea, at the helm of a vessel, balance allows be to retain control of the vessel, in most of the circumstances I encounter; and to recover quickly when circumstances are beyond control for a period.

So balance has a lot going for it.

The point FOS makes about needs and survival are very much a part of my considerations.
For me, survival is a big thing, and creating systems that allow for extended survival is a big part of balancing life.

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Hi Andrew

Survival doesn’t appear to be at all overrated as far as I can see.

Certainly, to live is to face the certainty of death.
Certainly, to live with such fear of death that it prevents one from taking action and experiencing the possibilities of life is to be avoided.

It seems to me that there are things worth living for, and things worth dying for; and so long as one can hold both in mind then one has balance.

And it also seems to me, that infinite possibility contains so much that is worth living for, that the lure of it vastly outweighs anything calling me to die now.

And I do not live my life in any sort of cotton wool shielded lifestyle.
I have flow aircraft at the limits of their capability, same goes for cars, motorcycles, yachts, powerboats. I have climbed mountains, dived over 100ft on a single breath, and about 200ft on SCUBA.
I have been in very many high risk situations, and I have never entered any of them with the thought that I was choosing death.
Death is a risk that accompanies us every day of life.
Rocks sometimes fall from the sky.
Trucks sometimes have steering gear failure and careen out of control taking out cars (a good friend of mine lost his wife and 2 of his daughters to such an incident).

I accept the risk of death, and in the face of it, I choose life, and given the choice, would choose indefinite survival (yet not at the cost of life).

Andrew said:
Isn’t survival a concept that is vastly overrated Ted – just putting off the inevitable?

About Ted Howard NZ

Seems like I might be a cancer survivor. Thinking about the systemic incentives within the world we find ourselves in, and how we might adjust them to provide an environment that supports everyone (no exceptions) - see
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