Kiss me quick

Kiss Me Quick!

What’s your favorite family drive memory?

Hi Laurie

Too many memories fond memories of driving to have a single favourite.

I recall once on a trip back from East Cape when we drove into a cloudburst on the old Mk2 Zephyr, and were forced to stop, as the rain was so heavy that the vacuum powered windscreen wipers were not strong enough to lift against the rain. Like Val, it was only a small cloud, in an otherwsie clear sky, but it was jet black, and the heaviest rain I have experienced.

We have something of a tradition of seeing how many times we can hit the horn as we go through a tunnel.

On Monday as we were coming home from Ailsa having her cast removed, we paused as we crossed the Parnassus overbridge to let a train go underneath us (there being no traffic in the rear vision mirror). The train driver acknowledged us with a couple of toots on his horn.

On our honeymoon, we took Ailsa’s little Diahatsu Mira on a trip around the South Island, and going over the Crown Range road we encountered a large mob (about 3,000 sheep) in a large cutting. Lots of cars stopped, waiting for the sheep to amble past, but I looked at the edge of the cutting, and it had a quite gentle slope (about 30 degrees), so I just drove off the road, and kept two wheels on the top of the cutting, and two on the edge, and we drove up and over and past the sheep, shepherds, and stalled drivers, and merrily on our way. Leaving a few open mouths in our wake.

I’ve driven several million kms, and enjoyed most of it – 21 hours out of 24 behind the wheel was my longest day – and I swore never to repeat that one, but 10 – 12 hours is fun.

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