Ailsa’s broken leg

In Christchurch with Ailsa.

Ailsa had a tramping accident on Saturday, when descending a steep hillside, and a tramper behind her slipped and hit her from behind, and her right foot arrested on a rock and took the full force of both of their bodies.

She went into surgery on Sunday, and was under for about 3 hours as they reconstructed the bones.

Its Monday morning now, and she is awake but sore.
Marina just called in to visit.
Pauline and Linda have been in.
Here’s a small version of the xray – showing how the leg kept going when her toes hit the rock.
XRay of Ailsa's right foot broken Saturday 21st Jan

Just got to see an x-ray from during the surgery.

Right foot during surgery.

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3 Responses to Ailsa’s broken leg

  1. Ted – I’m oh so sorry to read this news. Please give Ailsa my very best and let her know that I’m zipping her in the pod!


  2. Gil says:

    Gee that looks it is very painful. What is the estimated recovery time for an injury like that?
    Some years ago I dislocated my shoulder and had to have it immobile for six weeks. It was the most frustrating thing ever, not being able to drive or pick things up or carry on with my normal routine.


  3. Hi Laurie, Thanks, will do.
    Hi Gil, the last one was immobile for about 6 weeks, and then about 3 months of rehab before she got back to walking in mountains. That was only her 4th outing since breaking the other leg. This time it was nothing of her own doing,
    She was out of bed and getting around the ward in a walker 3 times today. She is a fighter, and strong!


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