Question of the Day December 24, 2011 ~ God

How/What/Who is God, to you?

For me it is a misnomer.
It seems to me that it stands for a bunch of different things.

At one level, it seems that the way we store and retrieve information in our brains fundamentally powers our intuition, and underlies our experience of conscious awareness. It also relates all of our experience based upon current context. Thus what is inside us, at a combination of software and hardware levels is infinitely more powerful and creative than our conscious awareness, and we often give this awesome power the label god.

At another level, it takes quite a bit of work to build up a set of concepts and experiences to allow ourselves to see how the process of evolution can go from a few relatively simple molecules to the vast diversity of life we see about us in just a few billion years.

The vast array of interacting processes, from astronomical comets and meteors, to geophysical processes of weathering and plate tectonics, chemistry, QM, etc to all of life’s complexities and systems are so complex and unpredictable, that in many respects they really are like an intelligence, and it seems to me that it is not in the way that most conceive of god.

It is understandable to me why ancient people thought that gods inhabited all natural things, simply on the basis of the complexity.

When Jesus said that God is within every one of us I agree with him in a sense, but not in another.
For me, it seems that we are so much more than our consciousness and our ego, that we actually are composed of all the attributes that we had given to the term God.
Thus, for me, the notion of God is actually giving away our individual power and responsibility.
For me, we are each capable of the sort of creativity that culture tells us belongs to God. It is part of each and every one of us, and placing it outside of ourselves and calling it God is actually giving away our greatest power. For this reason alone I am rather strong on the notion of atheism.

And to be absolutely explicit, this amazing power in each of us is not a conscious thing. It is what consciousness is built upon, and consciousness is capable of addressing it directly; by stilling the noising of conscious chatter, and directing attention inwards – the classical methods of prayer and meditation (they work, but not for the reasons classically ascribed to them).

This is what God is to me, a myth pointing to something very real, and very powerful.

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Hi Mendy Lou
I rather like the recursive one – God over Djin

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Hi Mendy Lou

In my lexicon, Djin are lesser gods, and therefore, defining GOD as the acronym God over Djin, creates an infinitely recursive loop – incapable of resolution – much like most theological argument.
Just appeals to my simple sense of humour.

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Hi Torch and OM and team

Merry Xmas all – here in NZ we have just had xmas morning, pressies opened, family gathered around, kids playing Jenga.

For me, its not about anything ultimate, either as experience or source of awe.

For me, it is appreciating the amazing complexity that arises from massive replication and recursion of a few basically simple processes.
There are only a dozen or so basic themes, but then potentially infinite variations on themes, and transcendence and recursion through potentially infinite levels.
The processes seem to start at the sub atomic, and be based on probabilistic functions, and then recurs through atomic, molecular, cellular, and multicellular structures, and into the realm of software.
Connections are present at so many different levels, between all different things – mostly, it seems, mediated by photons (whatever they actually are).
And just as any modern computer is only an arrangement of seven basic circuits, yet any modern computer is capable of running an infinite variety of possible combinations of programs and data, so too with us.
Though our hardware is very different in both structure and function, there is a great deal that can be understood through analogy between computers and people.

Thus for me there are no “ultimate”s – just a potentially infinite journey of exploration of the infinite realm of the possible – a realm that contains an infinite number of smaller infinities.
Nothing ultimate in here – just choice, consequence, and the journey.
Infinite potential for awe.
Infinite potential for surprise and wonder.
That, at least, is how it seems to me.

About Ted Howard NZ

Seems like I might be a cancer survivor. Thinking about the systemic incentives within the world we find ourselves in, and how we might adjust them to provide an environment that supports everyone (no exceptions) - see www.tedhowardnz.com/money
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3 Responses to God

  1. Ted – For me, “God” is source energy. The “label” that I attribute to that energy is Divine Love.

    It’s Christmas morning here, so you’re already into our tomorrow. I trust that you and yours enjoyed a wonderful holiday.


  2. Hi Laurie
    Yep – just got home. Two days with my sister and family, and it was great fun, and it is great to be home again.
    Trust you and Len and the girls had a great time.


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