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Laurie’s – The Aftermath

Hi Laurie & Len

Glad you folks and your property survived the storm.

The eastern boundary of our section is still a mess to be dealt to.

It’s not good drying weather here (being mid winter) so if I cut up the big limbs now they will take a long time to dry. Still have 5 more trees to take down, but we are having persistently windy weather.

Ailsa’s foot is a bit of a mess, but coming right.
Took her down to Christchurch and got the stitches out and a new lighter cast on, so she is a bit happier now.
Also got to speak to a surgeon, and get a copy of the xrays, so know exactly what happened now (finally, after 2 weeks).

Had some weird weather here 3 nights ago. I was out walking the dogs about 10:30pm, with a clear sky and a half moon, cold but still; then suddenly I hear a screaming noise, it was a massive gust of wind in the cell phone tower – about 50 yards from where I was standing, but I was still in calm air. It lasted about 5 seconds, then suddenly the wind hit me, probably close to seventy knots, then within another 30 seconds it was gone, and silent and still again.
Quite terrifying actually.
Out of nothing, and back into nothing.

Life here is slowly returning to some semblance of normal.

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Hi Laurie

Ailsa was out with the tramping club, so there were 4 others, two ahead of her and two behind, so someone was with her within 5 minutes.
One guy hiked out 1.5hrs to get within cell phone range, and call the search and rescue.
Local police and search and rescue showed up with a local helicopter, but it didn’t have a wince, so couldn’t get Ailsa up through the canopy.
It took them a while to come to that conclusion, then go back to Kaikoura and call in the Christchurch Search and Rescue and their big helicopter with winch. By that stage it was late and very dark and cold (being mid winter).

Ailsa did everything right.

Unfortunately, they have had lots of urgent surgery, so Ailsa has been put on hold, and may not get into theater until tomorrow.

I’d better move – boarding time getting close.
Be back online in a day or so.

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1 Response to Post to Laurie’s Aftermath post

  1. holessence says:

    Ted – I’m so glad to know that Ailsa’s on the mend. Her break(s) were extraordinarily worse than my single break 3 years ago, and I didn’t need surgery. My recovery was not fun, her’s has got to be a mother bear!


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