Ailsa out of Surgery

Hi All

Ailsa had her surgery yesterday afternoon. I have yet to speak to the surgeon, so do not yet know what they did in detail.

At the very least they were going to have to plater and screw the tib and fib, as both were broken just above the ankle joint.

They were uncertain about ligament damage prior to surgery, so did not know how much extra screw attachment of liagaments might be required.

Last night Ailsa was still heavily medicated, and in a lot of pain. She was going in and out of consciousness without much awareness of the transitions.

I suspect it may be a few days of severe pain before things settle.

Unsure of many things at this point. Heading in to the hospital very soon.

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5 Responses to Ailsa out of Surgery

  1. holessence says:

    Thank you so much for keeping us posted. The tibia AND fibula — wow! Hopefully they were clean breaks. And hopefully no bone protruded from her skin.

    I’m keeping Ailsa zipped in the pod!


  2. OM says:

    Yuk!!!!! But good for the surgery! Is all that metal going to be permanent? I’ve read that a lot of the metal which stays in bodies is highly conducive to biofilm infections, unless coated with nano-particle silver. Those coated metallic parts are starting to be manufactured….
    I’m sad there is so much pain, and medication needed. Thanks for keeping us posted. Am intending ever-greater comfort and healing.
    How far do you live from the hospital?


  3. Thanks Laurie and OM

    We are home now, got here at 7pm last night.
    It is a 2 and a half hour drive from here to the hospital – about 100 miles in a straight line.

    Yesterday was a long day for me. Started in New Plymouth (about 200 miles north of here), took a taxi to the airport at 6:50am, flew to Wellington, transferred to another aircraft and flew to Blenheim, then drove back home (2 hrs), dumped my gear, put lots of pillows and a duvet in the car, and headed for Christchurch. Met up with Jewelia at the hospital, got Ailsa, her gear, and her documentation sorted, then went and found a pharmacy to fill her prescriptions (a half hour wait), then pick up her flowers from another location, then to my sister Pauline’s to pick up Jewelia’s gear, and our wheelchair, then to Pizza Hut for Jewelia for dinner, then home – got here at 7:30pm. Got Ailsa settled then had to race to the Supermarket and get enough food for breakfast – as it closed at 8. Eventually got myself fed, the animals fed and walked, and everyone settled in bed by 11:30.

    This morning the alarm went off at 6:50 got myself fed, then got Jewelz up and off to school with a packed lunch, and have the fire going and the cat fed. Finally have some time to write this.

    A clear night and a hard white frost on the flats about 2 miles away, no frost here (the advantage of deep seawater so close – moderates the temperature considerably.


  4. holessence says:

    Good grief Ted – I’m whipped out with exhaustion just READING what you’ve been through — sheesh! You’re head’s got to be reeling.

    I keep forgetting it’s winter in your neck of the woods. It’s tour Independence Day celebration here so lots of parades and fireworks in nice warm weather (94 degrees where Sandi White is in Georgia, 83 degrees where we are in Illinois, and a mild 74-degrees in the San Diego area); pleasant all across the states.

    Thank you for so much for keeping us posted regarding Ailsa.


  5. OM says:

    LOL!!! I think of those intense periods of practical activity as “grounding”!!! I’ve had a bunch of them in my life, (and I know you’ve had some, too, before this. Even life-threatening ones. )
    After they end, ordinary life seems blah and boring, by comparison. Until my system normalizes again! Kinda the adrenaline addiction which our bodies get into.

    I hope you get enough and good-enough sleep to see you through this without stressing your body-mind!!!

    May Ailsa be pain-free soon, so she can enjoy this opportunity for a quieter life for awhile.

    Hugs, OM


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