Day 1 in San Fran

The flight over was uneventful enough, and the seats get uncomfortable after about 6 hours, the flight is 11 hours.
Got a little sleep on the flight, cleared immigration, the caught the BART train in to 24th and Misison, then walked down 24th to the corner of Florida – lodgings just around the corner.

After checking emails, I set out for a walk.
Went back up 24th to Valencia, then along Valencia to Market, then turned left up the Haight, and walked along it’s length to the Golden Gate park, looking at architecture and historic spots and people as I went. Had a short detour up Buena Vista park.
Stopped in at the Wholefoods store at the end of Haight and bought some nuts and a salad which I am eating at present.
Had a bit of a stroll in the park then went along Stayman St to Fulton, and back down Fulton, left up Masonic the right down McAlister.
By the time I got to Van Ness, my feet were getting sore, so I hopped on a bus, and headed toward downtown. When I Spotted a Macy’s I got off the bus and went back up Powel St and got Ailsa the cosmetics she’d asked for.

From there I went back to Market and walked down to the Embarcadero, and had a bit of a wander around, then caught the BART back to 24th St, and walked back to Florida.

Interesting seeing all the different uses money was being put to. From the street beggars asking me for it, to all the entrepreneurial businesses, to the architecture of the buildings.
Once downtown, most of the big buildings seemed to be banks or financial institutions – and most of those that weren’t, were hotels.

The incredible contrast between the wealth and the street beggars and homeless people.

Off to Silicon Valley tomorrow.
Time to put feet up and relax a little now.

About Ted Howard NZ

Seems like I might be a cancer survivor. Thinking about the systemic incentives within the world we find ourselves in, and how we might adjust them to provide an environment that supports everyone (no exceptions) - see
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5 Responses to Day 1 in San Fran

  1. OM says:

    Feet get sorer faster on pavement, eh? I see the conference has some vegan food.
    Can you see the nearby Redwood trees, or cross the GG bridge and see SF from the spectacular hill on the north side? What are you liking best so far?


    • Hi OM
      I am enjoying meeting the people.
      The view form the Golden Gate was fun.

      With Ailsa being in hospital now, all emotions are somewhat mixed. A big part of me just wants to go home.


  2. Hula Burgers — You’ve walked your feet off! And I’m confident that you had a face-splitting grin on your mug the whole time. It sounds like you’re having a great time and I’m thrilled for you!


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