Shiver me timbers

Shiver Me Timbers!
May 24, 20

Hi Laurie,

We get lots of wind here in Kaikoura.
Last week we had gust of about 60 knots. Yesterday morning about 2am a squall came through gusting about 45 knts, though the rest of the day was calm.
This morning it is more of a steady SW about 15 knts), and the temperature is dropping. Within a few hours the winds direct from antarctica will hit us, and it will get very cold.

Coming from a strong nautical tradition, the term shiver ma timbers, seems to come from a boat breaking up under a sailor – so it is an expression of surprise and annoyance at an event unwanted yet beyond one’s immediate control. In that sense, it is usually the indirect consequences of wind, like a huge rouge wave, or being driven onto a rock or a lee shore in a gale, that is the root of the expression (perhaps in time of conflict a cannon ball or ramming spike).

On the more mundane, we had two old trees blow down on our section about 2 years ago. I was playing golf at the time, and the wind was so strong that I was twice blown off the tee on the 13th. That had never happened before nor since. Peak gusts well over 70 knots.
I got home to find Jewelia’s tree house on the ground.

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