Question of the Day April 18, 2011 ~ you taking photos

Are you interested in photography as a hobby or profession? Please tell us about, including what type of photographs you are most interested in taking.

If you are not interested, then IF you were to get interested, what type of photographs would be of most interest to you to be taking?

For me it is mostly family trips, or interesting views.
Lots of trips involve hiking and looking at plants, or mountains, or beaches.
Lots of photos of family and friends.
We have about 43,000 photos on the server, since I bought Ailsa a digital camera for her birthday (a Canon Powershot G5) in October 2003.
It’s been a great little camera, takes about 500 photos on a fully charged battery, and we have a spare.
If I had the money, I would probably get a canon 7D, and a decent telephoto lens, mainly for wildlife photography (especially dolphins, whales and seabirds).

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We are at a convergence here in Kaikoura, between the north flowing cold southern ocean current, and the warmer south flowing subtropical current.

We have a very productive system here, due in part to ocean floor topography, and in part to currents, which cause an upwelling and mixing of deep nutrient rich waters, which allows for much plankton growth, and supports much fish life.

We get pods of dolphins here of up to 4,000 dusky dolphins, and the areas supports about 6,000 dolphins (mostly dusky’s and some commons, and a few hundred hector’s, with some bottle nose coming through from time to time), about 10,000 seals, a resident group of about 6 juvenile male sperm whales, and is visited by larger groups of sperm whales, pilot whales, and smaller groups of orca, right whales, humpbacks, blues, brydes, and occasional beaked whales.

Kaikoura is known as one of the whale watching capitals of the world, and tourism from whale watching is the biggest earner for the town.

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1 Response to Photos

  1. holessence says:

    Ted – I recently saw (on Ailsa’s Facebook page?) a photograph that one of you took of the snowy tops of your phenomenal mountains. It was stunning!


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