Beneath the surface and Surrender

A couple of questions here, beneath the surface, and surrender:

Question of the Day – cultivating beneath your surface

When trees have shed their leaves and appear dormant and lifeless, beneath the earth their roots are still growing and spreading. What have you been cultivating beneath your surface?

Another interesting question Barbara

Funny, that today an old friend from my late teens called in, and a similar question came up in conversation – did we know what we want to be in life when we were young.

For me, I have known since about age 6 (about 50 years) that I wanted to be part of changing the systems that control the earth so that war would never happen again, and people could have a real sense of security.

In the journey since, lots of things have happened.
I have studied and involved myself in as many different aspects of the systems involved in society as I could (at one stage I was on 32 different committees, and president, secretary or treasurer of 8 of them). I get involved, I do stuff, I learn, I contribute – trying to get an intuitive feel for what is going on. I have also created two businesses, and been self employed most of my life, raised a family and experimented in lots of realms.

So while I have taken a bit of a break from making money the last couple of years, I have continued to deeply question and inquire into the structures, the incentive systems, that underlie our social systems; as well as the developmental paths that most people follow; always with a “eye” for what might work, and what might be the unexpected consequence of fundamental changes.

So that is what my deep roots have been doing, probing every deeper into the roots of all levels of the systems that underlie our lives. It is starting to feel like I have the intuitive level of confidence that I require to start taking substantive action, in ways that fundamentally alter how most people see themselves and the world around them, and thus alter what they see as possible.
With a bit of luck, there is a bit more growth left in this system that is me yet.

Question of the Day – March 16, 2011 – seasons of surrender

For every season, the earth surrenders. In the fall, plants surrender their leaves to the soil. In the winter, the soil relinquishes its warmth to the snow and ice. In the spring and summer, the soil surrenders the seeds it has hoarded to sparkling rain and the warmth of the sun. In this season of your life, what are you surrendering?

Interesting question.
The examples you use are of higher latitude climates, where the reality is that harsh freezing conditions will destroy any soft tissue left unprotected above ground. Living systems have developed coping mechanisms to allow them to survive through the harshest of times, and to prosper in the warmer times.
In the tropics, no such seasons exist, and plants have no such adaptions, they grow whenever conditions allow, when they have moisture, sunlight and soil.
So in a sense it is no surrender, but a simple acknowledgment of something beyond the current capacity to change.
We all have many of those, and at the same time, unlike the trees, we human beings have an ability to rapidly develop new capacities to change, both ourselves and the world around us.

So for me, the idea of surrender holds connotations I do not like. I fully accept the acknowledgement and acceptance aspects of it, and yet I reject the aspect which implies any sort of giving up.

I am a stand that we are infinitely creative entities, and we can find ways to create anything – it is just that we may not have done so yet.

I can accept “not yet”.
I refuse to accept “giving up working on the problem”.

I can accept that it is entirely probable that I will die, and I am still a stand for developing technologies that allow us all to live together is peace, health and security for a very long time (perhaps billions of years).

I have accepted that melanoma may beat me, and I am a stand for that it does not.

Acceptance, without surrender.

[followed by]

Yes the “I stand for” is a Landmark term, and it is also common to many other “technologies” – including Michael Skye’s “Vision” work.

I can go along with the sense of surrender you use, but looking at the Oxford, it is the sense of giving in to an assailant that dominates the term for me, and that is a sense I do not like – and it is the one most commonly understood by most men.
I can see plenty of room for a major division between men and women one the most common use and sense of the term.

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