Earthquake update

All family members accounted for.

Just spoke to Pauline – All the family are fine. Ali is very upset, and Alice is with her. Will has indicate he will probably come home tomorrow. Aftershocks down there are continuous – going to be many dead – fortunately none of our immediate family.

Linda and Paul have both been in touch.

Will may be coming home tomorrow.

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9 Responses to Earthquake update

  1. holessence says:

    Ted – Thank you for the update. I’m grateful that everyone’s physically okay, although emotionally shook.


  2. holessence says:

    Ted – As you know, we don’t keep a television at our home. When we went to the fitness center this morning, all of the televisions were showing the devastation from the earthquake in New Zealand. If I understood correctly, there are at least 65 people confirmed dead and many people are still missing. Once again, we’re oh-so-grateful that you and yours are ok.


  3. Gil says:

    You and your family are in my thoughts.
    Much love


  4. Hi Laurie and Gil,

    Copied this from a post on my NewGaia wall:

    Yes – all my direct family in and around Christchurch are physically fine, though I suspect most people in the area are emotionally battered far more deeply than they are aware. There were over a dozen quakes over 4.5 yesterday.

    I don’t yet know that anyone I know has died, and I suspect that in the coming days I will find out that I know at least a dozen or so of the dead. I suspect the death tally will reach over two hundred. Some buildings cannot even be seen yet – they are under tons of rubble that has fallen from cliffs.

    This was a very shallow quake, with a large amplitude S wave. Not as much energy as the first big quake, but delivered in a way that was far more damaging to the ground and to structures on it.

    From sitting in my chair here in Kaikoura, it felt like being at sea in a swell. I knew within 2 seconds that it was a very destructive event, around a hundred miles away.

    I suspect our house will fill up in the coming days as people get out of the city, and away from the aftershocks.


    • sandi white says:

      Ted, my thoughts immediately went to you and your family and friends. I am hoping the relief effort is swift and effective and all will be able to receive some help and comfort soon. You are in my thoughts and prayers.


      • Thanks Sandi

        There are very good teams on the ground, and they have found many alive. Unfortunately 55 have been found dead have been identified, and a further 20 are dead and unidentified; with some 300 still missing.

        Looks like the final death toll is likely to be close to 200, with many thousands homeless. With winter approaching it could be a very cold time for many.


  5. OM says:

    I am relieved to hear that you and your family are safe, and my thoughts and prayers are with all those affected in every way. When the very earth shakes, and in this case keeps shaking, people do indeed get “shook” on a very primal level of consciousness, even if they seem physically unscathed. There will be rampant PTSD, I suspect……
    But first is to get folks ready for winter, yikes, what a challenge…..
    Cliffs falling onto buildings…..unimaginable devastation…..
    I don’t have a TV, and times like this, I am both glad and sorry…..
    May all the adjustments among you and your family and friends and colleagues, go as well as possible…. Guess they will go as well as possible anyway, duh…..


  6. missy says:

    Ted, I am glad to hear your family is all ok. Hopefully Will is now home with you safe and sound and I will continue to think of you and your family.


    • Hi Penny
      Will decided to take a cheap flight to Auckland, and get further away from the shaking. Should be home Friday next week.

      Just thankful all our family got out safely, far more fortunate than so many others.


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