Question of the Day February 6, 2011 “Superhero”

If you could be a superhero (and maybe you are…); who would you be?

I think I’ll just be me (Ted):
Ted’s empowering distinctions
The Empowerment Dynamic
Technology Engineering & Design

Abbreviated Abjected Abstracted Accepted Accosted Acquainted Adapted Addicted Adfected Admitted Adopted Affected Affectionated Afflicted Affronted Agglomerated Agitated Alveated Amalgamated Angulated Animated Antedate Antediluvian Antiquated Areolated Articulated Aspected Aspirated Associated Assorted Attenuated Aurated Averted Barbated Barefooted Bated Belated Belted Besotted Bifurcated Bilsted Blasted Bloated Bonneted Booted Broken-hearted Calculated Canaliculated Cannulated Canted Canulated Capsulated Carunculated Casemented Castellated Caudated Celebrated Cerated Chested Clear-sighted Cliented Coadapted Coagulated Collected Columnated Compacted Complected Concerted Congested Connected Consolidated Constricted Contented Contorted Contracted Convoluted Cravatted Crenated Crenulated Crested Crinated Crustated Crusted Cubited Cultrated Debted Deflected Dejected Delighted Dented Devoted Dilated Diluted Disaffected Disappointed Discontented Dissected Disseminated Dissipated Distracted Doted Dotted Eagle-sighted Educated Elated Elevated Enchanted Exaggerated Faceted Fainthearted Farsighted Fated Floriated Fluorated Fluted Footed Forecited Forequoted Foresighted Fracted Fragmented Free-hearted Fretted Frosted Full-hearted Gaited Garmented Garreted Gated Gauntletted Gentle-hearted Gifted Globated Graduated Grated Great-hearted Hatted Haunted Hearted Helmeted High-spirited Hot-spirited Hydrated Hyperoxygenated Hyphenated Illimited Impacted Inarticulated Incompacted Inconcocted Incontracted Inconverted Incorporated Incorrupted Increated Incredited Indebted Indeliberated Indented Indicated Indigested Indirected Indisputed Indurated Inedited Inexhausted Inexpected Infatuated Inflated Inflected Infuriated Inhabited Inserted Insulated Intellected Interested Interminated Interpolated Interrelated Interrupted Intolerated Invected Inverted Inviolated Involuted Iridiated Isolated Jacketed Jointed Kilted Kind-hearted Knotted Lacerated Lamented Laminated Large-hearted Light-footed Light-hearted Lineated Lion-hearted Lobated Long-sighted Lunated Lymphated Male-spirited Masted Materiated Matted Meated Medullated Merited Misaffected Misappreciated Moted Mounted Multinucleated Nebulated Neglected Nighted Nodated Nonstriated Noted Nucleated Nucleolated Obvoluted Oculated Open-hearted Opiniated Opinionated Painted Palmated Parapeted Parqueted Parted Party-coated Pated Pelleted Pigmented Pitted Plain-hearted Plaited Planeted Planted Plicated Pointed Pointleted Ported Postscripted Postulated Precedented Preconsolidated Protracted Public-hearted Public-spirited Punctated Quick-witted Quinquefoliated Radiated Ready-witted Redoubted Reflected Refracted Reiterated Related Repeated Reputed Reticulated Reunited Reverted Right-hearted Rotated Rough-footed Sainted Saturated Second-sighted Segmented Self-created Self-educated Self-posited Self-regulated Semioxygenated Sensated Shafted Sharp-sighted Sharp-witted Sighted Sited Situated Soft-hearted Sophisticated Spirited Spotted Stated Stedfast Stellated Stout-hearted Straightedge Striated Subcontracted Subcultrated Subjected Sublimated Substituted Sure-footed Surmounted Suspected Suturated Sweet-scented Talented Targeted tedder Tender-hearted Tented Tessellated Tickle-footed Transported Tridented True-hearted Tufted Turreted Twisted Two-parted Unadulterated Unaffected Unappropriated Unconverted Uncovenanted Uncreated Undaunted Undirected Undoubted Undulated Unexpected United Unlimited Unprecedented Unprevented Unregenerated Unruinated Unspotted Vacuolated Variegated Vaulted Vertebrated Vested Virulented Warm-hearted Wing-footed Wise-hearted Witted Wonted

A human being – alive, thinking, creating, communicating.

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Thanks Jules

I tried to include only one form of each word.
Hence I used the noun form tedder rather than the verb form tedding.
And yes – I grew up on farms, and spent many hours tedding in my early teens (12 hours a day in the hay season).

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Ahmen to that OM


Been reading Ann Kerwin on ignorance, and she has some really eloquent ways of stating what we are:

“To be educated and to be ignorant are compatible.
For true education teaches that we have much to learn and much to create.
Awareness of our immense lack of knowledge can propel us to seek, discover, invent, and recant.
Learning is a way of life for our fallible, gifted species.”



For we on this bumptious planet need to look beyond knowledge to understanding.

And beyond understanding to wisdom:

something of which we could use a great deal more on this planet.




On forms of ignorance:
1/ The known unknowns. That is, all the things we know we do not know.

2/ The unknown unknowns. That is, all the things we do not know we do not know.

3/ Error, or all the things we think we know, but don’t.

4/ Tacit knowing – all the things we do not know we know.

5/ All taboos – or forbidden knowledge.

6/ All denial – the things too painful to know which we energetically suppress.




Because ambiguity, complexity, and uncertainty are conditions of life on this planet, and since thinking for oneself, and working things through in one’s own meaningful way, are crucial for passing life’s inevitable pop quizzes, I do not want irrelevant memorization to usurp the precious time, space, and energy my students need to think, imagine, falter, and leap, to take some measure of themselves; to defy their fears and limits.

About Ted Howard NZ

Seems like I might be a cancer survivor. Thinking about the systemic incentives within the world we find ourselves in, and how we might adjust them to provide an environment that supports everyone (no exceptions) - see
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3 Responses to Superhero

  1. Gil says:

    Hi Ted,
    The Ann Kerwin link is not working.
    I resonated so much with her quotes that you posted , I definitely need to add her to my reading list…


  2. Ted – I’m just now getting to this post. I have a great big face-splitting grin on my face after reading the first post of tedisms — that’s just great!


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