Tuesday 14th – Busy day

Tuesday 14th Dec

Today has been a heavy support day.

A power cut in Whangamata took me about 4 hours to sort out a resulting problem in a debtors system, and for a while had me thinking that there was a serious issue in the system.

A problem with a new stock into the QMS, then printer problem in Auckland still has me scratching my head. It seems probable that it is in the printer driver itself, and not actually related to my system.

A report issue in Dunedin took a couple of hours yesterday,

A couple of calls from Christchurch had me stop work on other stuff to sort them out.

A couple of blogs today/yesterday.

Question of the Day 13th December 20

Freedom is the bright thing, the desired and also the effective thing,
for only in freedom do we find alignment with the basic intentions and
personal goals of the individual.
Life is a game. Are games worth playing?
What are your dreams you’d like to achieve?

The needs and wants of ordinary people aren’t terribly hard to understand.
Decent, normal folks want to live, work at a meaningful job, raise a family,
enjoy something of the life we share on planet earth, and grow to a ripe old age;
be productive, and control his own destiny, or help another human being.

So very much in this question.

Freedom is a vast inquiry in itself. With freedom comes choice, and the flip side of the choice coin, responsibility.
In one sense, responsibility is simply an ongoing commitment to a choice made.
We are not the only ones making choices, and as the ripples of the consequences of our choices spread out and intersect in “reality” with the ripples of other peoples choices, we can sometimes create unforeseen waves of action that require mitigating measures to be taken.

We are free to take such actions or not.

What is the effect of our original choice in “reality”, if we are not prepared to take the follow-up choices and actions?

Complete freedom, without regard to consequence, is simple chaos – a world with little order of any sort – like a seething cauldron of boiling metal, or the seething chaos of the plasma of the sun.

It seems to me that yes, “life is a game”.

It seems to me that most people simply play one of the games that evolution and culture deliver as obvious choices.

It seems to me that it is possible to create new rules and new games, and further still, to create whole new game space (new “boards”) on which to play our chosen games.

Thus I can agree in a sense, that yes it is possible, and true in a limited sense, that “normal folks want to live, work at a meaningful job, raise a family,enjoy something of the life we share on planet earth, and grow to a ripe old age; be productive, and control his own destiny, or help another human being“; and I contend that this is so due to accident of evolution, both biological and cultural.

It seems to me that evolution has, by sublime accident, created in us entities that have degrees of freedom not previously seen in this part of the universe.

We have the freedom not simply to choose new games, but to make entirely new game boards.

We have the freedom to choose to live on indefinitely, in abundance, in cooperation, in diversity, in security and to go beyond our cultural bounds of “a meaningful job” and “raise a family”.

We are capable of limiting our reproduction, and creating something completely new – a society in which all members are guaranteed basic needs for food, shelter, sanitation, education, communication and transport; where everyone respects the needs of the planetary ecosystem, and the diversity and freedoms of others; and where groups and nations forgo their striving for hegemony (the dominance of a particular ideology) and empire.

Space is vast.

The energy output of the sun is massive – greater than humanity’s current energy use by a factor that is greater than the number of people currently alive.

We could, for example, build orbiting habitats around the moon to give every person now living an estate of 500 acres to do with as they chose, from mass taken from the moon, and provided those habitats stayed in lunar orbit, there would be no noticeable effect from here on earth.
Such things are possible, if we develop our technology consciously, and distribute the benefits sufficiently evenly.

So long as we devote so much of our time and energy and productivity to the actions of attempting economic, social, political and ideological domination; we are unlikely to achieve anything like our potential.

The billions of cells within our bodies that cooperate to give us life are adequate demonstration, if anyone needs it, that living systems can and do cooperate to create amazing outcomes (and yes we need the equivalent of “immune systems” to deal with invading, non-cooperative, strategies).

So for me it is a YES!

This “Game of Life” is great, and there is no conceivable reason to restrict it to the “game boards” that history, culture, and evolution have delivered to us to date. We are capable of so much more!!!


About Ted Howard NZ

Seems like I might be a cancer survivor. Thinking about the systemic incentives within the world we find ourselves in, and how we might adjust them to provide an environment that supports everyone (no exceptions) - see www.tedhowardnz.com/money
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