Awake and feeling good

Hi All,

Sitting in the recovery area at Christchurch Public Hospital at present.

Have a drip in my left hand, and a very small amount of pain in my left jaw, and otherwise feeling great.

Had a fairly good earthquake here about an hour ago – 5.0 centered about 10km away – caused quite a bit of way in the building and the hospital switched over to backup generators for about 15 minutes. There was a small aftershock about 15 minutes after that one. Many of the nurses seemed quite nervous.

Haven’t spoken to the surgeon yet, and expect to in the next hour or so.

Head feeling clear.
Noticing that I can’t quite get my tongue to go as far left in my mouth as I could before surgery, and that may wear off.

First personal assessment – all good.

Love to all

About Ted Howard NZ

Seems like I might be a cancer survivor. Thinking about the systemic incentives within the world we find ourselves in, and how we might adjust them to provide an environment that supports everyone (no exceptions) - see
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10 Responses to Awake and feeling good

  1. “First personal assessment – all goo.”

    I love the sound of that. Thank you for the status check. Whoohoo!


  2. Great News about your status.

    Thanks for the update…you are just rolling along!


  3. Thanks Laurie
    Will update in a few hours, when I have something to add.
    Had an orange, a small banana, and a kiwi fruit, and 3 glasses of water.
    Pain level in jaw increasing slightly, and still quite able to vanish it by accepting the information it has for me.



  4. Back at my sister’s place in Yaldhurst, after a couple of hours walking and shopping.

    The assistant surgeon came and talked to me. She said they had to cut a nerve, to get the tumour out, but as yet I have not noticed any significant impairment. (Hold that, just bit the inside of my cheek).

    Feeling so much better than after the surgery 5 months ago.

    Were about to start playing “cranium”.


  5. Gil says:

    Hi Ted, thanks for the update. I admire the your attitude of equanimity. Earthquakes, whats up with that!
    love Gil


  6. Ted – Thank you for the update, the fact that you can/want to sit down and play a board game is fantastic!


  7. Barbara says:

    So glad to hear you are recovering swiftly, Ted. You even had the earth jumping around for joy 🙂


  8. sandiwhite says:

    Hi, Ted, I’m glad to know you are doing well and your sense of humor is unimpaired. I had my neck surgery two weeks ago today and they cut a nerve also. For myself, I’m delighted they did, practically no pain from a 6″ inch incision so no drugs or pain medication to make things worse. While being tested for a pace maker, they discovered that my left carotid 95% blocked. Whoa! All clean now and I look like I got my throat slashed in a bar fight. I told you we were survivors…Me and You, Buddy, Me and You!


  9. Thanks Barbara & Sandi

    Yeah Sandi – we are survivors.
    You & Me!


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