5th October Update

It’s been a busy couple of weeks.

Ailsa has been have severe anxiety attacks again. This is taking quite a bit of focus and energy.
It is the end of the fishing year – and one major client is transitioning to a new back end accounting package. So there is the usual end of year stuff, and then a bit more as well.

Pauline and Pete and Andrew and Marty came up on Saturday. Marty has a broken arm, he and Olaf stayed inside most of the day.
Pete Pauling and I made a good start at clearing some of the pruning I did last year from the campervan parking spot, and moving the trampoline to a different spot. A very useful day’s work.

Sunday had John Ayers arrive, and we hit the golf course at 2pm, and played 18. I had the best round of golf I have ever played, a gross of 84, with a net of 60 (12 under) – won our friendly match 7 and 6.

Communications with Will and Jewelia have been difficult the last few days.
I guess we are all under stress.
It seems that the vast bulk of requests meet with argument and resistance, rather than acknowledgement and assistance.

Went to Henno’s yesterday and he did a session on me with the Tibetan bowls – very peaceful at the time, though I found myself particularly tired by evening.

Tomorrow we are off to Wellington.
Will is staying home to mind the shop.
I have the Quota Managers meeting at SeaFIC, and appointments with some Wellington clients. Jewelia is going to a Paramore concert. We are staying with friends (Chris & Jan Milne), and having a bit of a catch up. I am very interested in Jan’s take on my diet, as a professional dietitian.

Will be back home Friday afternoon.

About Ted Howard NZ

Seems like I might be a cancer survivor. Thinking about the systemic incentives within the world we find ourselves in, and how we might adjust them to provide an environment that supports everyone (no exceptions) - see www.tedhowardnz.com/money
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5 Responses to 5th October Update

  1. holessence says:

    Good heavens, Ted, I’m flat-out exhausted just reading about the many platters you’re spinning — whew!

    You didn’t elaborate enough on the Tibetan bowls. I know precisely what they are and how they work — I don’t mean that. I want to hear more about what was going on in your head and heart while it was happening. I know you don’t have time to respond now (or one of your platters may hit the floor and break), but when you have a chance, please share a bit more.

    Would you please ask Ailsa if I may have her permission to do distance Reiki work for her anxiety attacks? Let me know …


    • Ailsa says “Yes please. Ask her if there is anything I can do for her, or her friend Ted?”


    • Hi Laurie

      I was mostly focussed on breathing. Just deep breathing, inhale gathering energy, exhale focus healing energy to the liver area. Sometimes I would find my focus wandering, and bring it back.
      Henno was using three bowls, and I started face down on the massage table, with one bowl between my knees, one on my sacrum, and one on my should blades, the largest between my knees. Starting slow he sped up, then paused, removed the small bowl from my shoulders, and moved the other two up one spot, and started again but doing continuous harmonics with a circular motion rather than striking.
      The same general processes was repeated on my front.

      For me, the feeling were peaceful. At the end of each cycle I found myself asleep (as is normal for me when I calm the frenetic activity of my brain, I just go to sleep).

      Henno asked me to focus on aligning frequencies between physical and non-physical bodies, and that seemed to work by setting the intention, then actively “not-doing” but rather just letting it “flow”.

      Henno’s advice was that I take a less active role, and let stuff come to me rather than actively using energy to go out and make things happen. Prior to the bowl session we had a wide ranging discussion of trends in society at various levels, and the threats and opportunities available to many of them. Having the monetary system involved in setting societal level priorities was seen by both of us as a major risk.

      We seemed to agree that finding a mechanism to communicate with the uber-wealthy, and communicate the risks associated with their current strategies, is important, and difficult.

      We have very different interpretive schema, and I like him.


  2. holessence says:

    Ted – Please tell Ailsa I’m on it!

    Is there anything she can do for me? When I come to visit sometime in the future, she can play me a lovely song on the piano.

    Is there anything she can do for my friend, Ted? Yes. She can give him a swift kick in the seat and tell him to quit spinning so many platters πŸ™‚


  3. holessence says:

    Ted – this is PRECISELY the type of information I was looking for. WONDERFUL! I’m beyond DELIGHTED. Thank you for the added details πŸ™‚


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