Saturday Morning

Been quite a week, busy but with me not really being all of my commitments.

On Monday spent half the day in a Te Korowai Experts group meeting. Te Korowai is the local Kaikoura Marine Guardians group. I am an unpaid member, all of the other “experts” being paid by their respective organisations.

I was at the experts groups because of my intimate knowledge of the Fisheries Act and it’s regulations (having written significant chunks of both over the last 30 years); and for my knowledge of aspects of the political system, having been involved in politics for over 30 years, and having spent 9 years on a primary producers council with direct access to cabinet and ministers, and knowing about a third of our current crop of politicians on a first name basis.

Tuesday was all day on Te Korowai, experts group in the morning, and a full meeting in the afternoon (1 – 7pm). In that meeting I am representing the Kaikoura Boating Club, as it’s president. At the same time I am also an active conservationist and member of Forest & Bird, and have been a commercial fisherman, and am still a member of the Federation of Commercial Fishermen, the Fishing Industry Association, and the Seafood Industry Policy Council.

On the recreational side I am currently in my last two weeks as a councilor on the NZ Recreational Fishing Council (have tendered my resignation effective after the AGM next week – if not for the cancer I would quite likely have been president in 2 weeks time, I had certainly been asked, and had some significant support).

Alongside this, I have been trying to organise a survey of the members of our local Kaikoura Boating Club. But keep getting so far, then getting side tracked, and not completing. I need to get onto that again this afternoon.

Wednesday I finally found some time to get onto Jewelia’s problem with her dead IPod. And make my first call to the people with whom I took out the extended warranty. That did not go well.
Then I started looking at other options.
Late Wednesday evening I got a reply email from one of those contacted saying I needed to get in touch with apple directly, and giving me a contact number.

Thursday I call the apple number, and the person on the other end of the line said that it was outside warranty, but that I should be able to get the battery replaced at one of their authorised service agencies for NZ$110.
I called one of those numbers, only to be told that they do not do any service work on iPods.
Back to my daughter and a discussion with her.
Then she tells me that there had been several faults, the first of which started several months ago, but that it only stopped working all together last week.

That made it a different issue. Back on the phone to the extended warranty people, and lodge a warranty claim.

Yesterday packaged up and sent off the iPod.

Along the way – had my old fishing buddy Bill Edwards come down from up north with his family for a catchup visit.
He called in for an hour or so on Thursday afternoon, and then for an hour and a half with the family on Friday afternoon.

Along the way have dealt with development questions from 3 different clients – Moana Pacific, Ngaitahu Fisheries, and Leigh Fisheries, as well as minor support issues for several other clients (Port Nicholson and Harbour Fish in particular).

Also trying to get my doctor to organise an ultrasound scan of my liver for me, to see what effect my current diet is having on those tumours.

Then there was the visit from an alternative healer type guy called Graham who is pulling a rickshaw type trolley around the country, and is using and promoting a Scandinavian form of light therapy and Peroxide therapy (He and Dave were here for 2 hours Monday morning).

I tried the peroxide, but it caused burning of my throat and reflux from an unsettled stomach, so have abandoned that approach.

I still have this Rife machine that a friend loaned me last weekend, that I do not want to use until after the scan.

I am currently using five different therapies simultaneously, and if none of them have worked, I will try others, but I need evidence to assess from.

Mike from Rave diet claims that the cravings for salt and meat ease ofter a few weeks. They may have eased, but it is like a storm easing back to a gale.
I think I have a high salt metabolism. Had cramps in my right calf 2 nights ago. In my past that was a sure sign of salt deficiency.
When I sweat, a lot of salt crystalises on my skin. I am not at all certain that that level of salt loss can be sustained without putting in more salt.
I am also experiencing many near faints. If I stand up too quickly, or rapidly sprint uphill, I can easily lose vision, and sometimes lose balance.
Again, in my past, such episodes could be cured by increasing salt intake.

I wish I had enough information to know what was actually related to what.

My desire for meat is still strong. It has changed in nature, and it is if anything stronger than it was 9 weeks ago. It is no longer a simple addiction, it feels deeper and stronger.

Everyone in the family has had emotional issues this week.
Jewelia, Will and Ailsa have all been very upset for significant chunks of time. Ailsa and I talked until well after midnight last night, and again from 6:30 this morning, and that seems to have made a positive difference.

Also dealing with issues within the Rec Fishing Council, and within the other major Rec fishing groups (Option 4 and NZ Sport Fishing Council).

On top of that I discovered Thursday evening that our kitchen waster sewer drain blocked. So I was out in the rain and mud in smelly waste trying various strategies to clear the blockage, and failing. After a couple of hours I gave that up.

Friday morning I called the drainlayer, and spent a couple of hours with him digging more holes and following drains, eventually finding that the blockage was about 15 yards from the fat trap, around 2 right angle bends, in a place the drainlayer had said “It would never block there.”

Last night I got an email from the tax department, and realised that there were implications in recent changes in tax law that affect how my systems handle accounting for Goods and Services Tax. So I had to think that through, and make the changes in the code.

Along the way I was hand milling enough grain to make my daily loaf of bread, then actually making it, making my own juicies and sprouts for breakfast and supper, and trying various strategies to separate the unhulled from the hulled oats in the sack of organic oats that I bought. I really do not like the texture of oat husks in my raw oat flakes.

So it has been an eventful week, and not one in which I have managed to meet my commitment to daily blogging.

About Ted Howard NZ

Seems like I might be a cancer survivor. Thinking about the systemic incentives within the world we find ourselves in, and how we might adjust them to provide an environment that supports everyone (no exceptions) - see
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3 Responses to Saturday Morning

  1. Good grief, Ted, you’ve been busier than a one-armed wallpaper hanger!

    Would you get the salt intake you need by having mussels? Do you have a date arranged for the scan yet?

    FIVE therapies simultaneously – whew! If you don’t mind my asking, may I please ask which ones?


  2. Hi Laurie

    Currently I am on:
    the RAVE diet (;
    Essiac Tea (Basically an infusion of burdock root, slippery elm, and a few other things);
    Apricot kernels (5 kernels morning and evening – following the nitriloside theory);
    Vitamin C (at least 10g per day);
    your healing crystal, assisted Zen do kai energy focus, reiki on self, and relaxing meditation.


  3. Barbara Kass says:

    Hey, Ted. Just a thought, but would you consider your craving for salt and meat a signal from your body that perhaps that is what it needs, especially given the other physical symptoms (cramping, fainting). Your body must have adequate salt for all sorts of processes, including healing.

    have fun at the fisheries.


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