Status Update

Rain has settled in today, and it is quite cool outside.

Over the last week I have got out and used a tank of gas in the chainsaw and bought in a couple of barrow loads of wood most days – should have enough wood to get through the rest of the winter now.

I have been fully vegan for almost 3 weeks now, and mostly vegan for 8 weeks.

I am following the RAVE diet:
No Refined foods;
No Animal products (meat or milk);
No Vegetable oils;
No Exceptions
and exercise.    see

I have been reading so much, so much conflicting information out there on the web.   And it seems that getting rid of animal products from the diet is a good idea once cancer has shown up in a metastasized form.   It seems as though most people can keep cancer at bay indefinitely if they keep animal protein to less than 10% of total protein intake (I probably had my intake at 80% animal 20% vegetable prior to going vegan – not what my immune system needed).

The Gawler institute is another place that seems to offer sound advice.

Now I am doing what I can to get my immune system to recognise and remove these tumours.

Quite a few different groups seem to be saying much the same thing – from a variety of different approaches.

I am taking 2-8 apricot kernels morning and night (they might not be helping, but at least they are not hurting).   Also taking vitamin C as L Ascorbic Acid at least 10g per day (sometimes up to 35g).

Support from friends and community has been amazing – thank you all.

Rumours of my death are greatly exaggerated!  (a friend called a couple of weeks ago to say he had heard at a local pub that I had died – gave me a good laugh, particularly as that particular publican and I have locked horns a few times in the local political scene).

I am getting noticeable fitter and stronger each day.

I suspect that most of my weakness was a result of a combination of being under general anesthetic for 5 hours 26 minute, combined with losing about 1Kg of muscles removed from my neck and shoulder, along with lots of other stuff, and the 62 stitches that closed the hole they made.

The left eye blink reflex still isn’t working properly, and there is a little bit of movement there now.  I still need to do conscious blinking to keep eye soreness away.

Left shoulder still hurts, and with the missing muscles doesn’t work as it used to, so my golf game is suffering.  I have played 4 times since the operation, and only broken 100 once.

Time to go out and make another compost bin – our old one is now full.   There are a lot more scraps when one is fully vegan.

Will is home from China now, and cousin Brian Cronin is arriving tomorrow for 2 days – with golf clubs.  Unfortunately it looks like rain for the next two days.

Ailsa is playing the piano at my shoulder, and the fire is crackling to my right; both dogs are curled up asleep on their respective seats.

Jewelia is at school, and Will hasn’t surfaced as yet.

Had my usual breakfast gruel of half a cup of oats, soaked for an hour, then blended with a large handful of baby spinach leaves.   Looks like green cream, but tastes OK.  Also had on kiwifruit and a mandarin, a brazil nut, and a handful of almonds.

About Ted Howard NZ

Seems like I might be a cancer survivor. Thinking about the systemic incentives within the world we find ourselves in, and how we might adjust them to provide an environment that supports everyone (no exceptions) with reasonable security, tools, resources and degrees of freedom, and reasonable examples of the natural environment; and that is going to demand responsibility from all of us - see
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18 Responses to Status Update

  1. Ted — Now THIS is my kinda post. I love the detail, thank you! I’m teaching a Reiki Level 2 class this coming Sunday from 10am to 6pm my time. When it comes to the distance healing part, may I please have your permission to use YOU as our “case study?” There are seven local students, and one joining us from Belgium. Please let me know your thoughts.


    • Fine by me Laurie.
      Like I said, I welcome anything that might help, and wont hurt.

      I have been doing quite a bit of energy focus myself, breath in and gather, then on the outbreath focusing on the areas that were painful with an intention of sending the healing energy to them.
      Been doing a similar thing with the liver, with the intention of the tumours shrinking and going.


  2. Okay – Liver is one specific spot. The scar where the 62 stitches were is another. Please provide me with more SPECIFIC spots (places, organs, glands). These are STUDENTS, but that doesn’t matter. What matters is their heart’s intent. I can grab your photograph off Gaia.Ning so they can visualize you — see you in their mind’s eye. Distance work is the last thing we do. So it’s probably going to happen somewhere between 4-6pm for us. That’s somewhere between 8am and 10am for you. You don’t need to do a bloomin’ thing.


    • Hi Laurie

      The most uncomfortable bit at present is around the left ear. The tinnitus has almost gone now, just a very low whistle, and there is still a sensation like “pins and needles” that is in the external ear and an inch or so around it and down to the skull. The external ear is a little touch sensitive, not really sore, just uncomfortable to touch.

      There is still some discomfort from where the left SCM muscle groups used to be, particularly from the attachment points where it has been sliced off.

      I sometimes get a sharp pain when I try to crunch something hard on the left side of my mouth.

      A little discomfort in the left shoulder, and the left side of the neck.
      The left side of neck comes mostly from having to compensate for the right SCM, since the left one is no longer there to do the job. It is coming along well, rarely giving much of an issue. I do neck stretches and twists most hours.

      The last Ultrasound scan showed three liver tumors, each slightly less than half an inch in diameter – each on different lobes (3, 5 & 7 I think).


  3. This is precisely the information I needed, Ted — thank you. You may (may not) feel/intuit/imagine a thing. I typically work with color (green) and teach what I know. You may feel/intuit/imagine green, you may not. Feeling or not is neither right nor wrong. Feeling or not doesn’t mean it is or is not working. Reiki is what it is. No more. No less. Thank you for your permission.

    “See you” Sunday LATE afternoon my time (Monday morning your time).


  4. Ted I have come by your blog through Laurie. If it is okay with you, I shall add my healing light energy to the mix. warmly Terrill


  5. Gillian says:

    Hi Ted,
    Sending you lots of love and smiles, and tooting a vuvuzela, which has somehow become a cultural icon of my people!


    • Thank Gil
      The NZ All whites didn’t make it through to the next round, but nor did they lose a match – the best performance they have managed for a long time – they played well.
      Was up at 2am local time yesterday morning watching their last match.


      • Gillian says:

        I have never been much of a soccer fan, but as Port Elizabeth is one of the host cities you cannot help but get swept up in the spirit of the tournament. So much energy and so many people focused on the same thing. I have always been very susceptible to crowd energy (churches, meditation groups, political rallies, rock concerts , etc.) When the matches are on I can hear the crowds from my house, even though we live about 8 km away from the stadium. The sound of those vuvuzelas really travels! Here is a link to a youtube spoof about it.

        I am actually a rugby fan, and will be watching the SA vs Italy match later today. Do you follow the All Blacks? ( sorry rhetorical question 🙂 ) Enjoy the match against Wales today!
        Love and Laughter


  6. Barbara Kass says:

    Hi, Ted — I came here through Laurie’s blog. I like hearing about your life and how it is unfolding. The details make you real to me in a virtual way and I have been very conscious about virtual relationships lately. They spark just as much emotion as in-person encounters. Thus, they can spark just as much healing and presence as any other relationship. From my fingertips to you, here is a huge ball of loving energy 😀


    • Thanks Barbara,
      Energy accepted with pleasure.
      Got hit on the arm with a golf ball this afternoon, thought it was broken but not – xrayed and just bruised.
      Home early and warming up.


  7. Barbara says:

    Hi, Ted — I got the invitation in my e-mail! thanks so much. Your breakfast sounds very interesting, by the way. Green cream . . . I am impressed that you are also playing golf. Can you play golf in the rain?

    I don’t think I can compare with Laurie and her energy work, but I totally believe in her ability to reach across great distances with her healing. Sometimes, we get the Vulcan mind-meld thing going where we are each writing the same phrases at the same time without knowing we are until we go back later and read each other’s stuff. She is really connected with the Universe in the way we all are; but Laurie uses her connection consciously and with intent. I am but a novice with that kind of work — that wont’ stop me from working it, though. I am keeping in touch with you in my moments, Ted.


  8. Ted – It’s Sunday, June 27, 7:10pm. I just got home from teaching Reiki Level 2. From 4-5pm (that’s 8-9am Monday morning, your time) we did distance reiki work on you. Each student had your photograph, your specific areas of issue, a color drawing of where the SCM muscle group was removed, and a line drawing of a liver. I don’t know if you did/didn’t “feel” anything (that’s really neither here, nor there as it doesn’t validate or invalidate the work), but the work was done. Or as I would say, “And so it is.”


    • Thanks Laurie, and team

      I am feeling good.

      I am amazed by how fast I seem to heal these days. I can barely feel where that golf ball hit me yesterday, yet at the time it disabled my arm, and felt like a break – must have landed right on a nerve.


  9. I suspect you’re still carrying that clear quartz crystal in your pocket. It’s known as the Master Healer. It amplifies energy that is positive, uplifting, constructive, and healing. Please know that you can take it out of your pocket and lay it directly on any part of your body, and/or you can sleep with it under your pillow. I sleep with a lithium quartz pendant on. Actually, I wear it all the time — I shower with it on. The only time I take it off is to put it outside to charge it under the full moon (last night was an example). I don’t put it outside in the wintertime — too cold — it’ll crack. During the full moon in the winter, I hang it on a hook in the window.


    • Hi Laurie
      That crystal hasn’t left my pocket since it arrived.
      Not sure if it is helping, and quite certain it isn’t hurting.
      When taking the pup for a walk down the hill and back up (300ft vertical) this afternoon I took it out and held it over the golf ball bruise and over the liver, and now it is back in the pocket.



  10. holessence says:

    Perfect! You’re using it exactly the way you’re supposed to.


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